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deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider
edited August 2015 in Offers

XHOSTFIRE Hosting Services

We have already discounted these packages heavily, and you will not find a similar pricing for this network or location at all with our offered features/service. We have done our surveys.
Our virtual machines are semi-managed, so we can install some applications to your virtual machine .

Location: Novosibirsk (Western Siberia region), Russia


Intel CPU: 1 core


HDD: 30GB RAID 10 Protected

Bandwidth: 2TB at 1Gbps

IP Address: 1 IPv4 + 5 IPv6*

Custom rDNS possible + Any Linux OS


Price: $7.00 USD monthly


Larger plans available on our website.

Test IP RU: and Speedtest file for Siberia only via PM or support ticket.

Official looking glass (select Novosibirsk):

Location: Kista (Stockholm City), Sweden

CPU: 1x Intel (up to 3.5Ghz)
Bandwidth: 1TB monthly at 1Gbps
IPv4: 1 Dedicated IP
IPv6: 5 IPs
DDoS Mitigation - yes
Price: $7 monthly


Other configurations are available on our website.

Network testing for SE:
Testfile: Contact us for SE file

Location: Kazan (Tatarstan), Russia

Special KZN
Intel CPU: 1 core
HDD: 15GB RAID 10 Protected
Bandwidth: 2TB / 1Gbps shared
IP Address: 1 IPv4
Custom rDNS possible + Any Linux OS
Arbor Pravail DDoS protection - L3,4,7 filtering
Price: $7.00 USD monthly


Other plans available on our website.

We have a simple ToS for prohibited activities and content:
- No spam
- No child porn or related content (promoting racism, banned substances or similar)
- Any kind of outbound floods or abuse of bandwidth that can be considered as (D)DoS.
- No abuse of CPU and Disk IO (constant DD burn etc) and currency mining.
If you are unsure about your content, please send us an email or ticket.

Payment methods:
We accept PayPal, 2CheckOut and Bitcoin!
International credit/debit cards are supported by both 2CO and PayPal.

Thank you.


  • Could you share a test IP for the Kazan location please?

    Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

  • deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider

    Technical details



    The server is located in a modern and newly built datacentre in Stockholm, Sweden. A diverse range of public and private peerings are employed, leading to excellent network performance. The current transit providers are Tele2 (large ISP in Sweden) and NTT. Tele2 provides quality IP transit and routes around Europe and America, ensuring the lowest latency.

    Our HP blade hypervisor is connected on a fibre Mellanox interface with a 10GE bandwidth channel.

    Siberia Russia


    We have colocation space in Rostelecom's Novosibirsk datacentre and server hardware is owned by us. For our hypervisor, we are using 2x Intel E5 CPUs, 48GB DDR3 ECC Registered RAM, Hitachi/Western Digital drives configured in H/W RAID 10 connected on dedicated 1Gbps bandwidth.

    Novosibirsk is geographically located in Asia and in the eastern part of Siberia (Russia). We are also using Rostelecom - state owned ISP in Russia. There are direct peerings with China Telecom, Unicom and China Mobile. You can expect latency of around 100-140ms and stable non-congested traffic.To further connect Asia, PCCW Hong Kong and NTT/KDDI Japan IP transit are used. For Europe, Rostelecom has superb connectivity via PoPs in Scandinavia, Germany, Ukraine, London and Netherlands.

    Kazan, Russia


    We have several rented dedicated servers consisting of E3-12xx v3 based on Supermicro chassis. Each node has at least 32GB RAM with H/W RAID (5 or 10)


    We have invested in enterprise hardware DDoS protection in Russia. We're using a Arbor Pravail device. We are able to handle Layer 3, 4 as well as layer 7 (http-based attacks). The protection capacity is expandable but we cannot exactly reveal our bandwidth capacity in Russia for security reasons. We are mainly specialising in mitigating Layer 7 (HTTP), TCP and SYN based attacks. Our appliance has been tuned to handle high packets per second or requests based on such protocols.

    The main upstream are Rostelecom and Transtelecom. MSK-IX for domestic traffic.

  • deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider

    @Nekki said:
    Could you share a test IP for the Kazan location please?

    Yes, please use

  • Test IP for Siberia?

    ..:: Kloxo-MR - hosting and forum ::..

  • deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider

    @mustafaramadhan said:
    Test IP for Siberia?


    Test IP RU:

    Unfortunately, we are out of stock for the LET $7 plan again. We had only 2 available and they were purchased.

  • jj88jj88 Member

    No more KVM1-NSK plan, missed again! At least already got a Special KZN

  • You should probably change the "GET 50% OFF TODAY! X50OFFSHARED" it doesn't work.

  • deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider

    @heartbleed said:
    You should probably change the "GET 50% OFF TODAY! X50OFFSHARED" it doesn't work.

    That's only for shared hosting.

  • Purchased but not activated..

  • deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider

    @ImzTinoz said:
    Purchased but not activated..

    Sorry for the delay. We have noticed an issue with SolusVM auto provisioning in WHMCS v6.0.2.

    I have sent the details manually.

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