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Ebay money back option - on theese scenarios.
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Ebay money back option - on theese scenarios.

I know that the money back option is working on Ebay, if you get a fake product, or some other crap.

But what about:
Batteries that has one rating on them, and if you test them, the mAh is way lower then the rating on the battery. Can I then ask for my money back, if the seller is not willing to refund?

What about flash light that is rated at x Lumen, but only produce X Lumen that is much lower then the rating?
Etc, I did buy some 3000 Lumen flashlights, but they are weaker then a 900 lumen flashlight with the same battery, fully charged.

Can I ask for my money back then?

I have ordered smart chargers for batteries, so I can also test the actually mAh (discharging), ordered three different types, so if all three gives around the same result, it's a correct result.

I have ordered a Digital LCD 100,000 Photometer Lumen Luxmeter 3 Range Lux Meter Light Tester WFE to test my flashlights. It will easy tell me what the actually lumen is on the flashlight.

Or do you have to take your losses if you buy crappy products like batteries and/or flashlights on ebay?

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