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BlueVM issues
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BlueVM issues

fhm0514fhm0514 Member
edited April 2015 in Providers

Just wanted to know from other BlueVM if they are having similar issues as mine. My VPS (KVM) is working on its own, I wanted to reformat everything but Feathur is unresponsive, do any of you have similar issues. I submit a ticket, and no response is forthcoming even though it was tagged as "high" supposedly a 24 hour response time. After 3 separate tickets, I got a response which was not the solution nor helpful. Feathur is still not working, I have lost all access to my VPS and to make matters worse is now offline and returns a 404 page.

I saw old threads similar to this in 2014, it is now April 2015, I just want to know if BlueVM is still alive.


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