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Recommended host for OpenVPN/PPTP VPNs
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Recommended host for OpenVPN/PPTP VPNs

bencoribencori Member
edited November 2011 in General

Hello there.

I've been reading the website quite regularly for a year maybe, I always found some good advice but now I need more of a personal recommendation. I'm currently very satisfied with Fanatical VPS (recommend by this website: ## I have the 100Gb HDD, 1024 Ram which I pay $25/mo which is great). Though, I, for some reason, can't get a VPN server to run correctly on their box. I never managed to get PPTP to run and I managed to get OpenVPN to run using their AccessServer version (which doesn't suit me at all).

So, I'm quite a noob with Linux. I try my best, and learned a lot since I started, but I never used the VPS for other things than "seedboxing". Now, I just want to get a VPN server running. I would much prefer to have OpenVPN running, but I can't seem to get it working, it's maybe too complicated for me.

So I'm just asking for advice: shall I change host ? do you have recent and noob-proof tutorials on how to install and manage OpenVPN ? Do you run OpenVPN on a VPS ? If yes, may I ask which host and if you are satisfied ?

Thank you for your input, and please excuse me approximate english.



  • Oh, and also I use Debian 6. Is that the O/S you'd recommend for VPN hosting ?

  • Did you ask Fanatical VPS for support? To be honest, that always should be your first step.

    Though, I, for some reason, can't get a VPN server to run correctly on their box.

    I'm afraid you're going to have to give more details than that. Please remember specifics are always a plus on any support forum.

  • I'm using BuyVM for a VPN
    Installed PPTP on it, was very easy to install/setup

  • I have openvpn running on severs from several providers, and these are all running smoothly. OpenVZ you may need to have to ask the host to enable tun/tap device for you and xen/kvm works out of the box.

    OS isn't the matter I guess, something must go wrong with your configuration. See:

  • mrm2005mrm2005 Member
    edited November 2011


    1) doesn't recommend any host , just does list them according to certain conditions.

    2) Your Fanatical VPS uses OpenVZ as virtualization platform. For running PPTP on OpenVZ containers there are some configurations that your host must do it on the VPS node. If they don't you can't use openvz for PPTP. For openvpn you need TUN/TAP on your VPS (you should ask your host to enable it ).

    3) if you want to run a VPN server , i think you should buy a Xen or KVM VPS.I think a Xen PV VPS is ideal for you. In Xen you don't rely on VPS Node configuration , so you can easily setup PPTP, OpenVPN or IPSec/L2TP VPN Server.A VPS with 128MB Ram is more than enough if you are the only user (or even a few more)

    4) OS doen't matter , just choose any OS that you are familiar with it.

    Thanked by 2yomero drmike

    96MB one, 3E a month for a snappy little VPN (They offer Debian 6 with OpenVPN preinstalled if you're unsure on the procedure), IIRC they posted an offer a few weeks ago on LEB but I'm not sure if it's expired or not yet.

  • Wow. Thank you everyone for the great replies. Wasn't expecting less. I did ask them to turn on TUN/TAP didn't know the virtualisation method/software was affecting it though. Like I said, I'm not really experienced.

    Well, I'm looking into all that, thank you again !

  • Running OpenVPN on the following VPS providers

    Just295 ( RubyRing Tech )
    BGSA Hosting

    And if your just running OpenVPN + Webmin and nothing else. Your memory usage should only be 38-40 Mb depending on the instances that you have. If you have add ons it should significantly increase your memory usage.

  • That set up is a bit overkill for a VPN, could probably get something for much much cheaper.

  • Prolly due to his previous experience with seedboxing, hence the 1 Gig RAM.

  • Yes, librevpn, it's was because I was using the VPS to host much more consuming applications I don't need anymore. I'd prefer to get into VPNs but I may have underestimated the task.

  • @bencori yeah. its really an overkill.

    However, I too have such setup. With my BGSA hosting, it was the only way to get the 1 Terra Bandwidth. Anyway, its a waste really for resources. But at least the box is breathing easy.

    I'd love your try your 10 USD setup, but I'm thinking I may be in for a tight squeeze.

  • I am running VPN + Web Hosting on my VPS. And I get free DirectAdmin.


  • @hidayat, I would comment more if I understood bahasa.

  • Well, I am offer free VPN + Web Hosting on my VPS. I got cheap VPS for running that $12 /month with free DirectAdmin as control panel and 3 IPv4 (1 IP using for server/hostname + VPN IP and 2 IP for NameServer). I Buy from here:


  • Control Panel and 3 IPv4 is free if you buy that item. Looks, my english is bad. If you can understand, you are lucky.


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