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Windows VPS for cloud-to-cloud transfer
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Windows VPS for cloud-to-cloud transfer


Long time lurker, first time poster.

I have about 5TB stored on Google Drive using Stablebit Cloud Drive. I now want to migrate to a Linux solution and have decided on ACD with rclone.

My idea is to rent a Windows VPS/dedi to take care of the migration, which will be a one-time affair. No time crunch, but to get it over with 100 mbit+ would be nice.

What I need is a working Windows setup (I have no license). The transfers will flush right through Stablebit Cloud Drive's disk cache, so no need for much disk space. Encryption both ways, so a CPU with AES-NI instructions probably helps.

Anyone with a suitable offering? Weekly would be ideal, but I'm open to monthly deals as well.


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