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  • @ricardo said:
    That's it in a nutshell for me Harambe. It helps when the provider's make sense/are honest :)

    If you know of some honest ones, feel free to PM me :)

    🐴 $2/mo 512MB KVM - Unmetered bandwidth. $1.25 for 256GB Block Storage - from BuyVM (aff)

  • ricardoricardo Member
    edited December 2016

    Harambe said: If you know of some honest ones, feel free to PM me :)

    I use about 100 providers, normally I'd share but it's apparent that this is the hardest part of the process that's probably the most cumbersome too. I've took the trouble of doing a few things that may help you on your way.

    I've previously took the trouble of port scanning 2082/2083 and grabbing backlinks for

    Lately I've grabbed data from RIPE/ARIN etc and compared the output to counts of domains on an IP (hint, Cloudflare, other CDNs, Godaddy, registrars generally top the list). A lot of them I have to skip due to price and I tend to stick to ones that use cpanel as I have automation for that. We also use VPS on a per customer basis.

    If you're doing 100+ and either doing static or Wordpress sites then I could probably help you out with hosting via a system I run.

    Oh, and @junkless does some hosting in 5 locations pretty cheap. Their servers are reliable. Give them a go.

  • @jarland said:

    Please also stop referring to our mothers as a fart. (fart mother)

    This just became an LET meme.
    Hosting Singapore cheap.

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