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    TurnkeyInternet - Down?
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    TurnkeyInternet - Down?

    DeanDean Member
    edited April 2013 in General

    Is it just me or have they dropped off the internet? Can't access my VPS or their site.


    • DeanDean Member

      And 20 minutes later everything's back up. Bizarre.

    • marcmmarcm Member

      These guys? ->

    • I have a few dedicated servers with them and I didn't see any drops.

    • marcmmarcm Member

      @revnja - Did you work with Nicholas to get them?

    • Yes, but unfortunately he is no longer with the company as far as I know.

    • It seems there was an issue, there was a similar thread over at WHT -

      Here is their RCA

      "At approximately 11:50 AM EST a component of the core switched network
      failed, the redundant/fail over system did activate but several network
      routes/destinations experienced extended packet loss or delay for between
      5 and 15 minutes while our engineering team corrected the issue. We
      apologize for any inconvenience, if you have any additional difficulties
      please contact us at 518-618-0999 or via our help desk at
      [email protected]"

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