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    Anyone interested in German VPS, valid to the end of the year? (OpenVZ)
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    Anyone interested in German VPS, valid to the end of the year? (OpenVZ)

    radduraddu Member
    edited April 2013 in General

    Long story (short). I had an VPS from the that got taken offline by the old owner. bought the site and offered me a new VPS that I have no more use, as I had already replaced the old one from other site.

    Leapswitch support seems to be working nicely now and if you register to the site the VPS will be transferred to your account.

    VPS is valid until the end of the year. If you want to continue it after that, the price will probably be as listed.

    IPv4 Address 2
    IPv6 Address 0
    Bandwidth 666 GB
    Disk Space 66 GB
    Memory 2 GB
    Burst 2.5 GB
    Virtualization Type OpenVZ

    Price, $40/30€ till the end of the year
    Money can be transferred via Paypal or Moneybookers.

    If you have any questions or price does not seem to be right, please tell me :)

    (Sorry if I got something wrong on the post, i tried to check some other posts and the guidelines)


    • Are you mad, you can but a 2GB KVM VPS for $7, and you want to charge $15?

      Other than that, the max you can charge on LEB/LET is $7


    • radduraddu Member

      Seems like a good point. Lets say $5/m then! ($40/30€)

    • 'Price, $40/30€ till the end of the year'----I think that means that $40/7mon,about less than $6/mon: )

    • radduraddu Member
      edited April 2013

      Should be $40/8mon so $5/m :) (As i fixed it after BenND comment)

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