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    Debian 7 Coming May 4th or 5th
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    Debian 7 Coming May 4th or 5th

    NickMNickM Member
    edited April 2013 in General

    Was just announced to the debian-devel-announce list today. The main reason I'm bringing it up is to remind everyone to make sure your sources.list files are pointing to "squeeze" not "stable" if you don't want to upgrade when it's released.


    • MunMun Member without signature

      YEAH Debian 7 :D

    • Finally

    • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

      Sadly no OpenVZ kernel for 3.* :(

    • Should i update or wait first when it release?

    • I suppose you can already move to testing then upgrade, but why not wait a few days.

      @vedran said: Finally

      Yeah, while I liked 6 a lot, this is a bit late.
      I understand some things will not work @William, but that is hardly the fault of debian maintainers. After all, support will continue for squeeze.

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    • pubcrawlerpubcrawler Banned
      edited April 2013

      Yeppers, about time... Been running testing for eons with various huge failures... Tired of compiling half of what I need... 7 should reduce my compile needs... That's a good thing.

    • We went to Ubuntu LTS for a lot of our internal stuff. It's been far too long. Might consider moving back later.

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    • @William said: Sadly no OpenVZ kernel for 3.* :(


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    • NeoNeo Banned

      Already on Rasberry PI ;D

    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss, finally.


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    • OliverOliver Member, Provider

      What's Debian???

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    • :~# cat /etc/debian_version

      Already using it.

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