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    Looking for Windows 2k8/IIS plan
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    Looking for Windows 2k8/IIS plan

    NekkiNekki Moderator
    edited April 2013 in General

    At work I've just been dropped in the deep end with handling some support work for our Windows servers running IIS. I've got a reasonable understanding of how it works, but I've never actually had access to a 2K8 server running IIS to get some hands-on experience, so I'm looking for a relatively low-cost plan that will let me get that ahead of being unleashed on the real servers.

    I just need the bare minimums that Windows/IIS requires (512MB-1GB RAM, 40GB-ish disk) in terms of - there will never be public sites running off the server, all I'll be doing is messing around with setting up new sites/application pools etc, general systems admin maintenance stuff. Huge dandwidth, SSD's etc aren't necessary, and I don't really care where it's located either. I will need a price including a license as I don't have my own.

    In terms of price, I'd obviously like this for LEB price, but I'm realistic; I only want this for a few months for my own learning, but can pay upfront for a quarter if it helps get the price down.


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