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[SOLD] Anyone wanna take over wiresix $99 dedicated?
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[SOLD] Anyone wanna take over wiresix $99 dedicated?

serverianserverian Member
edited April 2013 in General

It's located in LA.

Full specs:
Dual L5520
2 x 1TB HDD
10TB @ 100Mbps

I think their promotion is over and it's $129 now. So, you'll get a $30/month profit by taking this.

I sent them a ticket if it's possible to transfer. Waiting for reply. I'm 90% sure it's possible, though. If they say no, I'll cancel it unfortunately.

If you are going to use it for your own, i.e not sell services with it, I can transfer it for free. If not, I'd like to ask some small amount which can be decided whatever amount you think is fair.

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