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VaporNode BLACK FRIDAY - $7 4GB KVM LXC in Tampa

VaporNode BLACK FRIDAY - $7 4GB KVM LXC in Tampa

vapornodevapornode Member, Provider

I'll keep this one short. It's that time of year again and everything is on sale!

Full BLACK FRIDAY details:

Some idea of what you might find there:

  • 4 CPU cores

  • 4GB RAM

  • 30GB SSD storage

  • 2TB bandwidth @ 1Gbps

  • 1 IPv4, IPv6 available

  • KVM or LXC virtualization

  • $7/month

The deals on that page end on Monday and there are very limited stocks. If something you want is out of stock, keep checking back because we might add more. Every deal is limited to 1 per customer.

VaporNode | NEW 2018 High CPU VPS in Tampa, Florida
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  • Hi, I have a service with them.

    Really good connectivity with LATAM, specifically with Chile using transit from Level 3 and Telefonica networks solutions. Good support, I had a lot of questions because I wanted to migrate from OVH to Vapornode and really, their staff helped me a lot. KVM SSD are really fast.


    .... para el que lee ;)

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  • Ordered one.

    Upvote for NOT showing the password in plaintext in the welcome email.

    Yo mama so fat each of her butt-cheeks has its own /8.

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  • Excellent support. I purchased 3 VPS. Excellent server spec. Highly recommended.

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  • Anything with Windows on it on offer please? Thanks.

  • vapornodevapornode Member, Provider

    @DavidR Windows is supported on our KVM services. You can bring your own license or we can license it for you (no additional charge).

    VaporNode | NEW 2018 High CPU VPS in Tampa, Florida
  • Any chance I can still get in on the $7/m kvm deal?

    BunnyCDN $0.01/GB (AFF)

    SSDNodes KVM 16GB Ram 80GB SSD 8TB Bandwidth $120/Year (AFF) PS: Price varies day to day, but the lowest price for 16GB is $120

  • vapornodevapornode Member, Provider

    @alexyaoyang Get in touch with us - we'll see what we can do!

    VaporNode | NEW 2018 High CPU VPS in Tampa, Florida
  • vapornodevapornode Member, Provider

    @DavidR @alexyaoyang The black friday KVM plans have been restocked!

    VaporNode | NEW 2018 High CPU VPS in Tampa, Florida
  • Do you happen to have an IP and test file?

  • vapornodevapornode Member, Provider
    VaporNode | NEW 2018 High CPU VPS in Tampa, Florida
  • trettettrettet Member
    edited November 2016

    I actually applied for one last Nov 25, so far great support and the servers are responsive, most of all, it's cheap.

    I rented the $7 4GB VPS (advertised above) but will only pay $6.65 per mo thanks to the recurring discount (on top of the BFS w/c is recurring as well) if you submit an invoice from another hosting provider no less than 3 mos old. There's already Windows 2008/12/16 ISO hosted with FREE licenses (no activation hacks), some Linux distros are also readily available, no need to submit a support ticket just to install one. Inbound traffic and internal traffic (private networking) is free and not tracked according to the CSR I talked to and there's already a free 2Gbps DDoS protection.

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  • hello vapornode ..please check pm

  • Damn, the $7 one is out of stock :( is there any promos on a 1 or 2GB KVM?

  • vapornodevapornode Member, Provider

    @sin You can use the coupon 15OFF on any VPS or Public Cloud service for a 15% recurring discount! We also have another 5% recurring discount available here:

    VaporNode | NEW 2018 High CPU VPS in Tampa, Florida
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