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[KVM][VirtKick] OVH GAME DDoS Protection from $5!
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[KVM][VirtKick] OVH GAME DDoS Protection from $5!

pbgbenpbgben Member, Provider
edited November 2016 in Offers

Whats up Low end stalkers, pushing our services right into your face once again. We're different than the rest, we use VirtKick so can't do all the useless stuff other hosts promise (Alas, no features to break and cause downtime, RIGHT!)

Backed by OVH, because colocation scares me, too many hardware stealing bastards around. This is a bonus though, you can see exactly what our hosts are packing, AND you know what the DDoS backend can do, so.. If you need protection, forget a sammie bag and come to the fully flavored and ultra thin (For maximum feels) party that is OVH Game Range DDoS mitigation.

Also, we don't oversell by a ridiculous amount, only 16VM's per host AND our load stats are public.. Take a look at the status page on our website.

$5 - 1GB Small but powerful
1 vCPU
250Mbits Shared (Fair use unlimited)

$7 - 2GB Brilliant all round
2 vCPU
250Mbits Shared (Fair use unlimited)

CA Nodes are E3 1245v2 and FR are i7 4790K

Payment through Stripe or Paypal Minimum payment $6

TOS | Website Link | NixStats


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