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    CentOS OpenVZ with apache/nginx/mysql image/template
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    CentOS OpenVZ with apache/nginx/mysql image/template

    DrukpaDrukpa Member
    edited April 2013 in General

    Does anyone know if there's a OpenVZ template with the following installed.

    • Apache
    • NginX
    • MySQL
    • PHP

    I have always been using some sort of control panel so far, and now am trying to do it from command. Not going smooth, so many repos conflicting and what not. I just want to give up setting up this VPS. MySQL version and php mysql library version is different. Used the atomic repo to install nginx. After that, even MySQL came from that repo.

    If the above isn't there, can anyone point me to where I can download a Centos 6 x64 minimal template for openvz.


    • @Drukpa try this bro LowEndScript

      Happy to be alive and kicking!

    • I have working repo list for that need. :D

    • ElliotJElliotJ Member
      edited April 2013

      I'd give @dmmcintyre3's LNMP script, it's literally one command.

      wget -O - |bash

      Need to reach me quickly? Ping me on Discord

    • It's 2 :p

      Cheap VPS - VPSDime

    • RalliasRallias Member, Provider

      @ElliotJ said: I'd give @dmmcintyre3's LNMP script, it's literally one command.

      Well... that would have come in absurdly useful to me yesterday.

    • SunshineSunshine Member
      edited April 2013

      Instead of atomic repo, you can just use the official nginx repo:

      Like this:
      rpm -Uvh
      yum install nginx

      And then get the rest (Apache, PHP, MySQL) from official CentOS repo.

      Something like this:

      yum install httpd mysql-server php php-mysql

      Or whatever you need.

      So thats just a few simple steps on a clean CentOS 6 and you got what you need.

      The php version in atomic repo is a bit newer though... I don't know if thats a requirement for you.

      And you didn't specify exactly how you're planning to setup apache and nginx. You could do that in different ways.

      Personally, I'd get rid of apache and just go with nginx and php-fpm. But that would probably take more effort than you're willing/able to put in right now, considering what you said about being new at using the command line and that you're about to give up :)

      Hang in there buddy. You'll get the hang of it.

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