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vpsGod reviews
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vpsGod reviews

Hello everyone,

I'm a bit of a new member, read through the rules and so I hope I'm doing this correctly.

I'm just curious if anyone has ever purchased one of vpsGod's VPSs and their opinion and/or experience?

I've searched on google and found very few frightening reviews but I am of the opinion that this can be said for any provider and these reviews may not be accurate if a plethora of other accurate reviews are available.

However, I haven't really been able to find many reviews in general on vpsGod and was hoping for some help from current or previous customers of their services.

"I'm just here for the cheap offers."


  • vpsGODvpsGOD Member, Provider
    edited November 2016

    We don't have large customer base yet(reason : I have not invested much). I too have not seen any best reviews yet

    Our Vps line up was not that high end which other provider offer.

    Till we use raid 1 (most use raid 10/5/6) on most of our Vps node servers.

    Dedicated servers : we resell from major datacenter

    Just a team of 3 members handling the site. We not yet have 24/7 support yet

    I think I don't see any Vps issue tickets mostly .. barely 1 or 2 per month

    Just have around 350 active Vps clients

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    $16/yr VPS- ovz7 NL| 256MB RAM

  • Cheers!

    I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope to hear some reviews from some of your active VPS clients.

    Thanked by 1vpsGOD

    "I'm just here for the cheap offers."

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