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Looking for a VPS (more details inside)
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Looking for a VPS (more details inside)

IvanIvan Member
edited April 2013 in General

Hey there, so I'm looking for a VPS.
Basically I need one that'll provide good connection for users in the Southeast Asia region.
I heard LA & San Diego are good locations.. Is Atlanta any good? Ramnode currently has a good 35% off for their 512MB SSD-cached VPS. BitAccel on the other hand has also a good offer for a nice 2GB server but their servers are located in Buffalo NY which I heard isn't good for Asia users.

I'm not looking for any specific specs but hopefully someone could hook me up a nice server with a "LEB" price.

It'll also be better if I could get one from a provider that allows torrents/seeding, it's not a must and it isn't necessary but it'll be great because maybe, just maybe, I'd like to just try and see how seeding works on a server (eg. using a VPS as a seedbox), and then later downloading the files from the server. Just for personal use but if a provider doesn't allow torrenting but has a great offer I'd still go for it.

Hopefully I can find an offer here otherwise I might just go with a $5 DigitalOcean server as a start..

Thanks in advance, extra points to those who accept Visa debit cards.



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