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Need to worry about invoice?
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Need to worry about invoice?

AeneAene Member

I had a vps that I wasn't using to the project I got it for so I decided to cancel it at "end of billing period" when i got the renewal invoice earlier. The invoice wasn't supposed to have been paid until 2 weeks later. I got a confirmation that it was canceled an i didn't think more of it.

Then around three days after the invoice was supposed to have been paid I got an email stating that my service with the provider had been suspended due to failure to pay my invoice.

As this was my only vps with this provider I don't really care as I'm not going to continue using it anyway. But I got a bit curious. Is this something I should be worried about for the future. if it looks like I'm not paying my bills it might be hard to get another vps later on if needed.

I've opened a ticket with the provider. But I haven't heard back in a couple of days now so I wanted to get a sense about how much other providers thinks this matters?


  • if its by their cancellation terms and you did get confirmation then should be oky.

    to be sure, save all those confirmations, emails, take screen shots of tickets etc .... just in case if the providers asks then state and attach what you have.

    i recall i once had a vps that was not deleted by the cronjob so i had to explicitly ask the provider to terminate it.

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    • do not prepay > 1 year and check for reviews/support
    • only use monthly from a provider operating < 1 year 🍆
  • Thanks, I'll do that. Only thing I could see was that cancellations should be requested at least three days before the invoice due-date. And since three is less than 14 it shouldn't be a problem. But I guess I'll continue waiting for an answer on my ticket to see if i missed something.

  • cubedatacubedata Member, Provider

    You should actually depending on the provider as some providers add you to FR if you don't pay.

    Check out all of our custom modules here: for both blesta & whmcs.

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