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› iRedMail Memory Usage
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iRedMail Memory Usage

caperailfancaperailfan Member
edited April 2013 in General

Has anyone installed iRedMail on a 512 MB VPS lately? I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but after the installation is complete and I reboot, I find that my VPS is using almost all available ram. This is without actually sending or receiving mail. I have read that others have been able to run iRedMail on 256 MB of ram. Any suggestions on how to lower it's memory usage?

For comparison, I installed Axigen and it's memory usage was much less. I think it might be the spam / virus filtering that is eating up a lot of memory.


  • It said at least 512MB for production server.
    I'm running 1.8.3 on a 256MB/256MB Swap XEN and not performing very good, just being able to use.

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  • danodano Member

    Admin of an iRedmail install on a 512Mb Linode for a client for a couple of years(until about 6 months ago) -- it did use most of the memory on runtime, with an average of 8mb free usually. At the end of the day, I think I ended up doing small things to get the machine to react faster, such as lowering the amount of children that apache spawns, removing all unnecessary services(iscsid,rpc*,etc). Otherwise, this was a system with only a couple of users and very little mail traffic - although mem was exhausted, the machine was usually 99.8 idle proc(sar).

  • MrXMrX Member

    Running it on a couple of 512 MB VPS just fine. Testing it on a 256 MB VPS and so far so good.

    Older versions barely worked on 512 MB, but it seems they fixed something since then. The biggest memory hog appears to be clamav and/or spamassassin.

  • blergh_blergh_ Member
    edited April 2013

    i run it on a kimsufi, using like 50-55MB for my personal stuff. It's a great suite with minor modifications.

    Without the webserver for roundcube etc its even less. I rarely use it, so i have disabled the httpd altogether.

  • JanevskiJanevski Member
    edited April 2013

    @caperailfan I had a lot of Out Of Memory problems with 512MB RAM, i had to use it with 1024MB RAM in order to avoid OOMs, i used all the services available.

    @blergh_ Could You please share a little bit more about optimizing it to run on only 50MB RAM?

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  • @Janevski
    Haven't really done too many changes to it apart from some database-related stuff, disabled greylisting, added dkim replaced clamav with nod32.

  • Personally id skip iRedMail and use Axigen free version. Uses around 72M with web daemon.
    Simple postfix etc. uses way less

  • I'm thinking of using either Axigen or configuring Postfix with Dovecot, but I haven't found a good tutorial for Dovecot 2. Any suggestions?

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