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New Improved KVM Plans From BlueVM ~ 256 MB for $2.50 -- 1 GB for $5.99!
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New Improved KVM Plans From BlueVM ~ 256 MB for $2.50 -- 1 GB for $5.99!

BlueVMBlueVM Member
edited April 2013 in Offers

We felt that it was time a provider stepped up and made their KVM offers match their OpenVZ on RAM and pricing. BlueVM is pleased to announce our new KVM plans with improved RAM, disk I/O and network.

KVM1 - Buffalo, NY - $2.50 /Mo.
256 MB of RAM
1 CPU (@2.0 Ghz)
1 IP Address
10 GB of Storage
500 GB of Bandwidth
Click Here to Order

KVM2 - Buffalo, NY - $5.00 /Mo.
512 MB of RAM
2 CPU (@2.0 Ghz)
1 IP Address
20 GB of Storage
1 TB of Bandwidth
Click Here to Order

1024 MB of RAM
3 CPU (@2.0 Ghz)
1 IP Address
30 GB of Storage
2 TB of Bandwidth
Click Here to Order

Quick FAQ:
Q: I have an existing KVM VPS with you can I upgrade to these new specs/price?
A: Absolutely, just submit a ticket and we'll make the nessisary changes.

Q: You recently migrated my VPS to your new hardware, but it hasn't come back yet... how can I solve this?
A: More than likely your VPS just needs to be reconfigured, email [email protected] and cc [email protected] and we will assist you in this process.

Q: Do you offer X iso?
A: We offer over 50 different ISOs, if it isn't on the list we can add it for you.

Q: Is the $5.99 special for life?
A: Yes, the price will remain the same for the life of your VPS.

Q: What is your hardware comprised of?
A: Dual E5-2620s with 128 GB of RAM, 4 x 2 TB in hardware RAID10 with 2 x 120 GB SSDs for cache.

Q: Can I order more disk?
A: Yes you can, at $0.50 per 5 GB, simply submit a ticket and it will be added to your account.

Q: What locations do you offer and are there any plans for expansion?
A: We currently only offer KVM plans in Buffalo, NY. We will be setting up servers for KVM in each of our 6 locations over the next few months. Atlanta and Texas should be the first locations to have our new hardware and that should be setup around the 30th of this month.

BlueVM | 20% Off For Life => Coupon Code: FEBRUARYSPECIAL


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