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512MB $12.99/year or $2.50/month, more Jacksonville, Florida OpenVZ Deals Inside - YourLastHost
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512MB $12.99/year or $2.50/month, more Jacksonville, Florida OpenVZ Deals Inside - YourLastHost

YourLastHostYourLastHost Member, Provider

We know you are tired of playing the game of musical chairs with your VPS hosting. All these hosts that show up with offers, fail terribly, and send you back here to shop again. YourLastHost intends to put a stop to that time wasting bad hosting game, so you can focus on more important things, like hunting for Pokemons :)

Awesome Deals!

U-512 - $2.50/month - OR $12.99/year

1 Core @ 2.4 GHz + 512 MB Memory + 15 GB RAID-10 Storage + 1 TB Bandwidth + 1 IPv4 Address

Order Now and Save – $2.50/month - OR $12.99/year

U512ANNUAL -> promo code for 512MB plan @ $12.99/year

U-1024 - $3.50/month – OR $25.98/year

1 Core @ 2.4 GHz + 1024 MB Memory + 25 GB RAID-10 Storage + 2 TB Bandwidth + 1 IPv4 Address

Order Here and Save – $3.50/month – OR $25.98/year

_U1024ANNUAL -> promo code for 1024MB plan @ $25.98/year

U-1536 - $5.50/month

2 Cores @ 2.40 GHz + 1536 MB RAM + 50 GB RAID-10 Storage + 3 TB Bandwidth + 1 IPv4 Address

Order Here - $5.50/month

We have other plans available with monthly, quarterly and annual payment options.

Here are 5 reasons why YourLastHost will be the last web hosting company you will ever need:

1. Legally incorporated company in Wyoming, USA.

2. Experience. Our team members each have on average 3 years of hosting related experience, and are all of legal adult age.

3. We are polite, appreciative and prompt. We don't snarl at customers nor do we complain about having to provide support like so many other companies do.

4. Reasonably loaded servers. Providing a quality service to fewer customers is better than providing a poor service to many.

5. 90 day money back guarantee.

Tech Data on our Services:

-Servers located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

-Undersold OpenVZ virtualization.

-Dual X5650 servers with 4x1TB drives in RAID-10.

-99.99% network uptime guarantee. See our network looking glass:

-Clean IPv4 addresses. We are not spam friendly.

-Template library with easy to use prebuilt solutions plus all the common OSes (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Scientific Linux and Debian)

Terms and Policies:

Term of Service, ToS:

Privacy Policy:

YourLastHost : The Last Web Host You Will Ever Need


  • I have ordered one 512m at their last promotion. server is pretty stable.

  • X5650 and 2.4GHz... do you throttle those cores?

  • Ipv6?

  • Lost Password Reset doesn't seem to be working on your site. Waited awhile, checked spam box too but nothing.

    "I'm just here for the cheap offers."

  • darkdark Member

    this hosting even charge you 2 month fee,after you cancel the vps at the end of the first month!

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