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Looking for Dedicated Server in EU

Looking for Dedicated Server in EU

hi all,

Looking for a dedicated server for my needs.

  • Budget is £30
  • Would love a CPU over 6k passmark
  • Atleast 500G disk
  • Need a test IP/LG to check speeds (I'm in switzerland)
  • I like torrenting (private trackers)
  • 1Gbps speed

The limited offer 13816 looks pretty good for my needs, but my peering to online is pretty bad



  • joerijoeri Member, Provider

    Hello @GoF3

    I can offer you:

    Dell R210 | Xeon X3430 - 4GB RAM | 1000GB HDD | 10TB traffic For €30 each month

  • @joeri Thanks for the offer, but I need more CPU power than that :)

    Thanked by 1joeri
  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    What about Dual L5630's? Around 7.2k passmark.

    AlphaVPS - OpenVZ and KVM, DDoS Protected VPS in London, UK | Sofia, BG and NYC, US

  • racksxracksx Member without signature
  • GoF3GoF3 Member
    edited October 2016

    @AlexBarakov I'm intrigued, where would I read more about that?//EDIT: 60€ is out of my budget and 100Mbps is too little for me, in case you were talking about AlphaVPS :)

    @racksx Aren't oneprovider reselling servers? And no, already checked there, thanks anyway :)

  • racksxracksx Member without signature
    edited October 2016

    @GoF3 said:

    Does sell to Spain, Romania etc...., oneprovider does sell in that locations, has more than 50 from where you can choose.

  • AlbaHostAlbaHost Member, Provider

    Have you checked at

    wWw.AlbaHost.Net Albanian .AL domains, VPS/VDS and Hosting Services. | Use coupon code .AL to get an .al domain for 8€/year.

  • @AlbaHost I thought torrenting in Germany is not the best idea?

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