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    Quarterly Top Provider Poll
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    Quarterly Top Provider Poll

    jarjar Provider
    edited October 2016 in Announcements

    Note: Discussion may be permitted but posts not containing votes may be deleted at random. So if you ask a question and get an answer, both posts may be removed later.

    Hi everyone!

    It's time to jump-start the quarterly provider poll on LET! This is for Q3 of 2016. Who were your favorite providers during this time?

    Rules for eligibility to vote:

    1. Account must have been created no later than August, 2016.
    2. Account must have at least 5 posts.
    3. Providers can vote, but cannot vote for themselves.

    Rules for the votes:

    1. You get three standard votes.
    2. One vote is one provider, no “I give three votes to _____.”
    3. You can use less than three votes.
    4. You get one additional vote, outside of the other three, for “Best New Provider.” Vote for someone new that you think shows a lot of promise.
    5. Votes will end at 11:59 PM US/Central on October 15. The results will be shown on November 1st.


    Winners to be drawn randomly from the voter list. If providers would like to offer any prizes, feel free to contact us at the helpdesk. This is your chance to be featured right before people vote, and to give back to the community!

    Prize #1: One year of VDR4 from ImpactVPS ( @Awmusic12635 )

    Prize #2: $48 account credit with HostUS for 3 lucky winners valid on any service with no expiry date. Vote for your chance to win!

    Prize #3: 5 x DNS-OVZ-1024 plans free for 1 year from DeepNetSolutions (GestionDBI). 5 lucky winners will be picked at random.

    Prize #4: 20 x KVM HDD Limited plan for 3 months from wishosting ( @exception0x876 )



    • OpticalSwooshOpticalSwoosh Member
      edited October 2016



    • cassacassa Member, Provider

      InceptionHosting, Time4VPS and MXroute

      Thanked by 2jar TheOnlyDK

      ik moet poepen

    • Mightweb, Dediserve, Time4VPS

      For new provider, Impactvps

      Thanked by 1Awmusic12635
    • vultr

    • ValdikSSValdikSS Member
      edited October 2016
      1. Providerservice. They were on LEB only twice, but I had ZERO problems with them for 4 years straight.

      2. Ramnode for providing very stable service and fast network connectivity

      3. Hosthatch for the same reason

      How new should be provider to participate in Best New Provider? YourServer is relatively new, so if this counts, I'll vote for them.

      Thanked by 1lifehome
      1. Catalyst
      2. BuyVM
      3. MXRoute

      All the people I currently use for services.

      Thanked by 2Francisco TheOnlyDK
    • BuyVM, Ramnode, SecureDragon.

      Best new provider: TragicServers. Not exactly new, but new-ish compared to others and I think shows promise. OK to remove if you have different time criteria in mind.

      To be honest, I'd add DO and Vultr to best provider, but that's like voting for Wal-mart for best grocer. Shop local. Even if local is, well, Luxembourg or something.

      Thanked by 2tragic Francisco

      For LET support, please visit the support desk.

      1. dediserve
      2. hostus
      3. xvmlabs
      Thanked by 1AlexanderM
    • AmitzAmitz Member
      edited October 2016
      1. Prometeus
      2. Hetzner
      3. Leaseweb

      Best new provider: Budgetnode

      @jarland: Thank you very, very much for overtaking the duty to manage this poll!

      Thanked by 1Ishaq

      For those who care:
      You can now find me at or

    • ImpactVPS, Ramnode, Vultr

      Best New Provider: ImpactVPS

      Thanked by 1Awmusic12635
      1. G Suite
      2. Ramnode
      3. BuyVM

      Best new provider: Budgetnode

      Thanked by 2Ishaq Francisco
      1. BuyVM
      2. DigitalOcean
      3. HostUS
      Thanked by 2Francisco AlexanderM

      I ❤ Laravel

    • Dediserve, impactvps, ramnode

      Thanked by 1Awmusic12635
    • Prometeus, Arubacloud, Hostforce

    • mikhomikho Member, Provider
      edited October 2016


      Get a LES NAT VPS! (or 10) in United States (3), Germany, Bulgaria, France, Norway, Australia (2), Singapore. | -> 500gb NAT Storage
    • trvztrvz Member
      edited October 2016
      • Hexodo
      • LoveServers
      • Vultr
      • Best new: Budgetnode
      Thanked by 2Ishaq Jack
    • FrankZFrankZ Member
      edited October 2016
      1. MyCustomHosting
      2. ZXHost
      3. HostUS

      Best New Provider: Hostforce

      Thanked by 2AlexanderM MCHPhil
    • ZXHost



      HM: Virmach, Delimiter, HostUS, Prometeus, TransIP,, OVH

      Thanked by 2Junkless AlexanderM

      most recommended Provider: First-Root KVM Power-Edition /w SSD KVM in US/UK/NL/DE: 15% off first 6 month | Netcup VPS/rootDS - 5€ off: 36nc15279180197 (ref)

    • SecureDragon,

      Thanked by 1Francisco
    • hawchawc Member, Moderator, LIR
      1. OVH
      2. MXroute
      3. BuyVM

      Best new: BudgetNode

    • sinsin Member
      1. Leaseweb
      2. MikroVPS
      Thanked by 1LiteServer
      1. BuyVM/BuyShared
      3. VPSDime
      Thanked by 1Francisco
    • NekkiNekki Moderator
      edited October 2016

      In no particular fucking order:

      1. Fiberoute, because they're fucking awesome.
      2. OVH, because they're fucking amazing value.
      3. Inception Hosting, because they're fucking consistently great.

      No vote for a new provider because with existing providers as fucking good as these, I don't fucking need them.

      Thanked by 2hawc Infinity

      Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

    • BeardyUnixGuyBeardyUnixGuy Member
      edited October 2016
      1. BuyVM/BuyShared
      2. Servarica
      3. Inception Hosting

      Best new provider = BudgetNode

      Thanked by 2Francisco Ishaq

      You can send your dogecoin "thanks" to: DNhnwKWR5vm8ddbWPpWfrpGR8atXH5ZFeP

    • TomTom Member
      • MXRoute
      • BuyVM
      • Hetzner

      Best new provider: BudgetNode

    • Prometeus

      Thanked by 1Francisco


    • MikePTMikePT Member, Provider

      Without licking asses:

      One vote for InceptionHosting
      One vote for VPSDime
      One vote for OVH

      New provider: Dedistation

      Other that aren't part of the vote but still worth to mention, Virmach, Infinity's, Trabia.

    • jarjar Provider
      edited October 2016

      MrGeneral said: Without licking asses:

      Try it sometime. It's not as bad as you might think.

      1. BuyVM
      2. OVH
      3. Incero

      In no particular order. I'm just not using many others right now.

    • Time4VPS, Trabia, BuyVM.

      Thanked by 1Francisco

      So Say We All

    • jvnadrjvnadr Member
      edited October 2016

      Well, difficult to chose. But, let's try:

      1. InceptionHosting: Despite the Miami issue, Ant is doing an excellent job having very stable nodes, great performance for less money and, as a plus, he has to be honored for his LES movement he started and continuing be the leader to it! Kudos!
      2. BuyVM: Those guys certainly know their job! Fran and his partners are running one of the most stable platforms out there for a very low price. They are in my list, not so for their (excellent) vps line, but for running the best shared hosting platform, comparing to what their clients are paying! 20€ per year for a reseller hosting with dedicated ip, stable as rock, well, this is an achievement!
      3. WholesaleInternet: OK, this is not the most quality provider. But, still, I'm impressed! Paying peanuts (25$) for an E5220 with 24GB memory, 3TB HDD and a gigabit line with no cap in bandwidth is, well, not bad! If you know how to use it (having backups, disaster plans, know the limits of the service in connectivity etc.), it's very good. Even the speed! I get almost always ~50MBits upload to Athens (9380.74 km away!) and over 750Mbits download to closest server or ~500Mbits to Kansas Packet Layer. And, despite what they are saying about their support, everytime I wanted something, I got answer in minutes and if it was about an issue, they resolve it in minutes or a couple of hours, much more sooner than other expensive providers. Even for their 10$ range! And we are talking for dedicated servers!

      If I had more votes, I would also include Prometeus/IWstack (they are not in the first 3 only because I didn't use them a lot for the last 6-8 months but they are the best small real cloud out there), ArubaCloud (their 1€ line is just incredible), RamNode (my small backup box is there just running, excellent service from them), HostUS (I have 2 boxes with them, very good performance and uptime).

      New provider: After a long time I didn't, I bought services from 2-3 new providers but the time frame is too small to have an opinion. I'll be back to this on the next poll!

      I am here occasionally nowadays, because I really prefer . You should try it, it is fat-free, delicious with fresh ingredients combined with the deep knowledge of the old chefs!

    • doghouchdoghouch Member
      edited October 2016
      1. BuyVM as always. Reliable service, gifts from the pony @Francisco, and etcetera. They are my #1 recommended provider, even though I don't have an service with them anymore. When I was with them, the I/O was excellent, everything was snappy, and the server didn't swap. (unlike EthernetServers - who WAS first on my list last year, service has gone really downhill)

      2. I've been with RamNode for a bit, uptime is pretty good, apart from the short downtime a few months ago. For what I pay, it's still one of the most reliable servers I have.

      3. OVH. Not only do they provide a good dedi to beat up for dev, the network is pretty good. Anti-DDOS provides mitigation to basic attacks, and the support is reasonable (emphasis on reasonable), if you can speak French.

      4. I haven't signed up with any new providers. Hope I can before Q1 next year.

      ... as for VirtCrap, yeah... I didn't expect them to last this long.

      Honorable mentions: DO, Hostigation (FreeVPS) and @cociu :D

      Thanked by 1Francisco
      1. RamNode
      2. Digital Ocean
      3. SecureDragon
    • ramnode, vpsdime, quickpacket

      Best new provider: Virmach

      Thanked by 1qps
    • SetsuraSetsura Member
      edited October 2016
      • Lunanode - Still baller
      • SecureDragon - Also still baller
      • Time4VPS - 8TB storage server pls thx

      Honourable mentions:

      • BuyVM - If I had 4 votes they'd get the 4th honestly
      • OVH - Still good for the money
      Thanked by 1Francisco

      Will shill for Pop-Tarts(must be strawberry flavour).

      Thanked by 1miTgiB
    • NodeServ

      • Dediserve

      Have issue with them but still believe they are a decent provider

      • ZXHost

      LET Special offer is great

      Thanked by 1dediserve
      1. Leaseweb
      2. Dediserve
      3. BuyVM

      Best new provider: BudgetNode

    • KobeKobe Member
      edited October 2016
      1. RamNode
      2. BuyVM
      3. HostUS

      Best new provider: BudgetNode

    • jcalebjcaleb Moderator

      Prometeus, catalysthost, speedykvm

    • RhysRhys Member, Provider
      1. Hetzner
      2. BuyVM
      3. RamNode

      Best new: Definitely BudgetNode

      Thanked by 2Francisco Ishaq
    • Ramnode, Dediserve, GoMach5

      Thanked by 1dediserve
    • OVH, BudgetVM, HostUS. Best new: HostUS (been around 4 years)

      Thanked by 1AlexanderM

      How to clean up a questionable reputation: throw the kids some BF/CM offers.

    • rivermiguerivermigue Member, Provider
      1. OVH
      2. Hetzner

      Att. Miguel Rivera Debian WebHosting | Nginx | Apache | Daily backups
      KVM and OpenVZ virtualization in Germany and Canada. A registered trademark of Breinz S.A de C.V NIT: 0614-051216-105-5

    • yomeroyomero Member
      edited October 2016
      • Inception Hosting
      • Lunanode
      • Afterburst
      Thanked by 1Flapadar
    • isaaclisaacl Member
      edited October 2016



      Catalyst Host

      (Honorable mention to MXRoute - I just use the others more at this point)

      Best New Provider: ImpactVPS (Alex has gone above and beyond to help, has been a pleasure to deal with, and the service has been fantastic)

    • LaxenadeLaxenade Member
      edited October 2016
      • OVH
      • Dacentec

      Best New Provider: ImpactVPS

      Thanked by 1Awmusic12635
      • RamNode
      • DigitalOcean
    • Ramnode



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