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    [Resolved] DC2 no connectivity ;(
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    [Resolved] DC2 no connectivity ;(

    SpacedustSpacedust Member
    edited September 2016 in General

    Do you confirm ?

    1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms AIRPORT-TIME-CA [] 2 6 ms 6 ms 7 ms 3 7 ms 7 ms 7 ms [ 53] 4 7 ms 8 ms 9 ms [62.21.99. 154] 5 7 ms 7 ms 7 ms [] 6 8 ms 7 ms 7 ms [] 7 9 ms 7 ms 9 ms [] 8 7 ms 41 ms 7 ms [] 9 65 ms 39 ms 34 ms [] 10 49 ms 35 ms 35 ms [] 11 45 ms 43 ms 44 ms [] 12 45 ms 44 ms 43 ms [] 13 38 ms 39 ms 39 ms [ 8] 14 507 ms 559 ms 572 ms [ ] 15 * * * Upłynął limit czasu żądania. 16 * * * Upłynął limit czasu żądania. 17 * * * Upłynął limit czasu żądania. 18 * * * Upłynął limit czasu żądania. 19 * * * Upłynął limit czasu żądania.


    • I like my uptime down low and my servers all hacked. Can see me droppin' twenty-fours with a router in the rack.
      Ya like ya Switch-Ports hot and ya servers all hacked. If ya pings real high and ya networks pitch black.

    • SpacedustSpacedust Member
      edited September 2016

      Already sent, but they say it's all fine. The funny thing is that from other ISPs my server is resolvable. Shutting down iptables does not help.

    • Example ping:

      Badanie z 32 bajtami danych: Upłynął limit czasu żądania. Upłynął limit czasu żądania. Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=463ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=490ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=423ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=396ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=382ms TTL=242 Upłynął limit czasu żądania. Upłynął limit czasu żądania. Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=556ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=436ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=462ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=394ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=527ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=406ms TTL=242 Upłynął limit czasu żądania. Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=383ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=435ms TTL=242 Odpowiedź z bajtów=32 czas=367ms TTL=242

    • RazzaRazza Member
      edited September 2016

      To that ip from the uk am getting 32 ms on wifi and 55ms on 4G, I don't see any issues

      Trace via 4g EE>Dtag>Hopus>Online

      Trace via WiFi virgin media VM>Tata>Online

    • Yep some wired issues with your network example Timeouts from my German location however Irish IP shows Ping correct

      Also Timeout and High Ping at

    • dccdcc Member, Provider
      edited September 2016


    • SpacedustSpacedust Member
      edited September 2016

      Can you test my IP: ? I'm still unable to reach my server.

      (Edit Amitz: IP removed)

    • AmitzAmitz Member
      edited September 2016

      Hi Spacedust,

      I was so keen to remove the IP from your post. Publishing IPs on LET has proven to be a DDoS magnet, so it is safer to avoid it. Feel free to put it in again if you don't care!

      I can ping the IP just fine from Germany and from several servers that I own. Also your KloxoMR standard page loads quickly from my side.

      Thanked by 1BeardyUnixGuy

      "Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.", Stephen Hawking, 2017. Join the Amitz party here.

    • I've logged from other server to my local ISP (shared IP):

      traceroute 109.173.147.x
      traceroute to (109.173.147.x), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
      connect: No route to host

      Routing failed ;(

    • is .... a router
      it's not supposed to answer all pings, it has better things to do

      CTO Scaleway

    • Yes, but it was responding fine before. It seems routing to some part of the world is broken now.

    • what's the ticket number ?

      CTO Scaleway

    • Ticket #443281

    • Most of other IPs from this subnet goes via router and does work despite very high ping to the router, mine goes via and nothing ;(

    • Allright - fixed. It seems Kloxo-MR added some blackhole filtering and routing to my IP was null routed ;(

    • If fail login till 20 times to ssh. ftp and smtp, Kloxo-MR 7.0 will be add IP to hosts.deny, spamdyke's blacklist_ip and 'route add -host reject'.

      ..:: Kloxo-MR - hosting and forum ::..

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