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    HostSlayerHostSlayer Member
    edited September 2016 in Offers

    About us: HostSlayer was established in 2016, looking to provide customers with high quality hosting and support. We continue to expand and grow bigger everyday which is the key of our success. At HostSlayer, we keep everything at a very affordable price while maintaining our hosting qualities and expectations high. All of our servers uses RAID to maintain your important data with high redundancy and premium networks for quick loading speeds. We keep a high uptime promise at 99.9%. If you aren't completely satisfied with our hosting we offer a 7 day money back guarantee regardless of reason*!

    Our Control Panel / Billing Panel: We use the most user friendly programs to keep our clients happy and satisfied. For our VPS we use SolusVM in which is used around the world for controlling VPS the easiest way. Our billing system is under WHMCS, a highly used billing module for controlling deployment and billing. We also have a live chat support running.


    • No over selling, we have determined how many VPS can go on per node.
    • 30 second deployment
    • Multiple Linux Operating Systems; CentOS, Debia, Ubuntu, Fedora, and much more!
    • VPS Control Panel with statistics.
    • No contracts to discounts!
    • Our own IPv4

    VPS Dedicated Server:

    Located in : Las Vegas,USA
    Datacenter: FIBERHUB

    Terms of Service : Nothing ; Illegal, Warez/Pirating, Nulled Scripts, Hacking Software, DDoS Scripts, Spam/bots/botnets, Phishing/Fraud, High CPU usage, more details.... HERE


    • Do you support rDNS?
    • ~ Yes, we do!
    • Do you support IPv6?
    • ~ Not at this moment. But we will in the future
    • Do you have TUN/TAP & PPTP Enabled?
    • ~ Yes, we have these modules loaded on our servers so you may use them at anytime.
    • Do you offer money-back?
    • ~ Yes, we offer 7 days money back 100% guaranteed ONLY for our VPS.

    LowEndTalk OpenVZ Deals

    Economy VPS 1

    • Hard Disk - 25 GB
    • RAM - 1.5 GB
    • CPU Cores - 1
    • Bandwidth - 1 TB
    • 1 Gbps
    • IP Address - 1 IPv4
    • DDoS Protection - FREE INCLUDED

    $1.99 / Month - (Order Here)

    Economy VPS 2

    • Hard Disk - 35 GB
    • RAM - 2.5 GB
    • CPU Cores - 1
    • Bandwidth - 1.5 TB
    • 1 Gbps
    • IP Address - 1 IPv4
    • DDoS Protection - FREE INCLUDED

    $2.49 / Month - (Order Here)

    Economy VPS 3

    • Hard Disk - 45 GB
    • RAM - 3 GB
    • CPU Cores - 1
    • Bandwidth - 2 TB
    • 1 Gbps
    • IP Address - 1 IPv4
    • DDoS Protection - FREE INCLUDED

    $3.99 / Month - (Order Here)


    Additional IPs: $2/Month

    Additional 15 GB Disk Space: $2/Month

    Additional 1 GB RAM: $3/Month

    Additional 1 Core: $5/Month

    Payment Methods :

    • CreditCards / DebitCards
    • Paypal
    • 2Checkout
    • Skrill (MooneyBookers)
    • Payza (AlertPay)
    • BitCoins
    • PerfectMoney
    • WebMoney
    • Cash

    Company information :

    Website : HostSlayer

    Email : [email protected]

    Twitter :

    Facebook :

    [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month


    • Any test ip?

      Welcome to My BlogVPS-Hosting-Server
    • @ZRBLOG
      Test IP :

      [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • So, Victor, Venetx's website is down, SpetsnazHost is down, VPSDatabase is down, this test ip does not appear to be routed anywhere, and is owned by HydraBurx another "company" of yours.. So, you should be trustful ?

      my blog, my company, my opinions

    • It smells like HostMaze.

    • @hyena56 .. HostMaze was in fact Phase-7.. but anyhow, it really was a registered company. But these guys.. The owned looks like he is 16 years old or younger.

      my blog, my company, my opinions

    • @ Catalin
      If you are going to start flaming a thread, have your facts straight.
      Thank you :)

      All the domains you listed please enlighten my day and tell me where do they point out?
      *I just find better names for niche and of course it shouldnt be a problem of changing anything.

      Of course I must have 1 registered company that everything is under for reasons. As this name will name change.

      [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • @hyena56 said:
      It smells like HostMaze.

      HostMaze is based on Romania with peering.
      I don't think that Venetx is related to Hostmaze, besides that this VPS are from Fiberhub Las Vegas instead of different romanian DCs.


    • I dont know what is HostMaze or anything related to that.
      Ive done names under

      After seeing HostSlayer being available of course I went ahead and moved everything to the new domain name. But the legal name is HydraBurx Corporation

      [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • Can you provide any details on what ddos protection you provide?

      Signature goes here.

    • [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • @VENETX

      Well no wonder I could not find it before, its a huge wall of text and pic's but at the end of the page I found the capacity of what you can handle.

      Thanks :-)

      Signature goes here.

    • I made a purchase, you really should not put passwords in plain text :-(

      Signature goes here.

    • @Stevie
      Thank you for the purchase :)
      and for password ,its from the WHMCS module using to auto create the VPS. I am sorry being in plain text :/

      [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • @VENETX

      Your welcome.

      You should be able to edit the whmcs auto email and edit out the password. (it will look like a template variable)

      The choice is yours, some users like it, and some don't :-)

      Signature goes here.

    • @Stevie
      Ohhh! I thought you meant through the order form.
      That is true about the email template, I can edit it out. But the reason I had it put on there was because back 2 years ago there were quite few clients who opened up tickets regarding their VPS password not being sent to their welcome email.

      [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • @VENETX

      Yea I know its one of those things you can't make everyone happy :-(
      I mean I am not mad at all about, its just that I am used to having it not shown which I thought it was normal - that is why I brought it up :-)

      Signature goes here.

    • StevieStevie Member
      edited September 2016

      Also, on thee client area I keep getting that the "operation timed out" and when I login to solusvm I can not shut down my vps (I want to shut it down because it it 1 a.m and I need to upgrade and secure it)

      It looks like it finally shut down the server, but those things I mentioned are buggy :-(

      Signature goes here.

    • @Stevie
      Thanks for understanding about it :)
      That is true its something I cannot everyone happy about it :/ But I can sure try my best to accommodate.

      [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • @Stevie
      Add my personal skype "VictorVEnciso"
      Right now im not sure why out VPS Control Panel is having some type of connection issue.
      I have to figure out what is going on.

      [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • @VENETX

      Alrighty, I should of posted a ticket but like i said its passed 1 a.m and LET is faster for communicating lol.
      The server seems to be shut down, so I am going to sleep.

      Have a good night.

      Signature goes here.

    • @Stevie
      LET is also a faster way to communicate that is correct.
      Anytime Steve, you too have a nice night and enjoy your VPS :)

      [] | 250Gbps DDoS Protection | 1GB RAM | 1 CPU | 25GB SSD | 1TB | USA - $1.99/month

    • Panel is highly unstable, its been over a day and it is still having major problems, I asked for a refund. We will see how this goes...

      Thanked by 1MareBoSs

      Signature goes here.

    • @VENETX

      Please check my ticket, I do not want 7 days extension I just want a refund, im not sure why I have to keep making replies that I do not want your service, and even if given 1 year free I do not trust to keep any date there, I just want a refund and my account closed/

      Signature goes here.

    • I got the refund.

      Signature goes here.

    • I got an email on an invoice from 08/2014 - 08/2015 from you which I had no memory at all. And you said you were established in 2016. Did you acquire any other hosting company?

    • swp147swp147 Member
      edited January 2017

      Same as fkj, also got an invoice from these guys. I've don't remember ever signing up with them before. They had all of my information too. Not cool.

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