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Install OpenStack Mitaka using PackStack on A Remote server using SSH only (Centos 7)
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Install OpenStack Mitaka using PackStack on A Remote server using SSH only (Centos 7)

What is Openstack & Packstack?

Openstack is the most famous and most powerful free cloud software. It’s supported

By Many big layers like Intel, HP and many others. Openstack has a great community

That not only support Openstack but also drives the development of Openstack.

Packstack is a utility that uses Puppet modules to install Openstack over SSH.

Packstack can be used to install Openstack’s modules on multiple servers, or on one

Server for Testing and proof of concept.

What is the problem?

If you use google to search the internet for the installation procedure you’ll repeatedly
find The Same procedure that is written for someone with full physical access to server
But what if you have your own remote dedicated server somewhere and the only way to
Access it is over SSH? If this is the case, then that procedure will put in one of two situations,
Either a server With Openstack installed but unreachable (No access to Horizon) or a server
That is completely Inaccessible!
Here we will apply a method that should allow you to install & configure Openstack
Using Packstack and over SSH only.

Before you begin:

You need to have the following:

1- A dedicated server with fully functional internet connection & SSH.
2- Resolvable hostname.
3- Putty or anything like it!

Here you will find my full article:

and here you can download the docx file:

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