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WHMEasyBackup Alternatives
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WHMEasyBackup Alternatives

Ive been using WHMEasyBackup to backup a number of WHM servers for quite a while.
On my newest WHM server Ive enabled SSH Keys and WHMEasyBackup doesnt support this... Any other suggested backup solutions for WHM?

I like WHMEasyBackup - its very affordable and I can keep multiple copies of my backups and of course its cheap :)


  • this screenshot shows it supports secure hash keys? new just added it says:

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  • BrianHarrisonBrianHarrison Member, Provider

    SSH key not the same as the cPanel/WHM remote key -- but I don't see why the remote key isn't just as useful for backup purposes.

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  • I havent managed to get it to work with this new server setup and the support ticket suggests it wont work..
    so i need to find a new backup app (preferable) or re-enable ssh logins without key....

  • I always find WHM's built-in incremental backup feature enough on its own (if you have root access though). Other things you just have to do are: rsync-ing to remote backup server and deleting old backups of terminated services (a simple ssh script that compares existing /home/username vs /backup/weekly/incremental/username will do).

    Otherwise, cpRemote is an option.

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