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[Request] Looking for cheap KVM in Europe.
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[Request] Looking for cheap KVM in Europe.

KhudherKhudher Member
edited September 2016 in Requests


I'm Looking for a cheap KVM in Frankfurt [ or any other location if the network is good ] , I have seen Vultr, But it does seem to be expensive to my budget, I would like to get :

  • RAM : 3GB or higher.
  • CPU : 3 Cores or more.
  • Network : 100mbit is fine.
  • IP's : 2 IPv4 Addresses and IPv6 support.
  • Disk : 50GB or higher.

-If you have got any offers, please reply, and i will see if it is ok with my budget.

-If you know any offers with the same specifications but different location, please let me know and i will check its network.

My budget is $8/month.

~ Thank you for your Help!


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