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    Cant find this SSD drive performance, 4XB0G45736
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    Cant find this SSD drive performance, 4XB0G45736

    postcdpostcd Member
    edited September 2016 in General

    Is this drive any good when comparing to Samsung EVO kind of SSD?
    Im interested in fast boot time, maximum read transactions per second (4K read?).
    Cant find non phone contact to technical pre-sale questions. - hosting, webmaster forum


    • This support page seems to indicate that it's an Intel S3500.

      Thanked by 1postcd

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    • Not sure where you see it, i cant see it. - hosting, webmaster forum

    • DamianDamian Member
      edited September 2016

      postcd said: Not sure where you see it, i cant see it.

      The replacement part number returns "Lenovo ThinkServer Intel S3500 SATA 6G MLC 120 GB SSD 03T8342". It's unlikely that Lenovo will be using a different supplier for initial parts versus replacement parts. Not even HP is goofy enough to do that.

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    • Keep in mind SSDs in general are so fast that you're unlikely to notice any real-world difference with higher read transactions per second on your average server or desktop.

      That's not to say such applications don't exist, but they are not common. SSD performance numbers are largely an e-peen affair, save for the rare case.

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