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ServerMania Dedicated Server Review
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ServerMania Dedicated Server Review

HoloshedHoloshed Member
edited March 2013 in Reviews

I will say that I have been using ServerMania now for my main server since March 1st and though it is only going on 1 month, I have been blown away by what I have found.

Number one is price, I have yet to find another provider who could match their price in terms of pure power (E3-1270v2, 32gigs ram, 1TB hdd) for 99.00! The price of their add-ons are fair priced also as I added a raid card for 30 a month and another 1TB for 10.00. Right now the price I pay per month is 139 with the 2 1TB hdds and raid card, hardware wise I find everything top of the line. I set the server into Xen virtual machines for personal projects and Raid-0 with the drives is running very well.

Edited to add: Based my order off of the 99.00 deal available here:

The only time I have needed support was to add extra hardware and to fix one thing. Upon setup the newly created IPMI user did not have the right permissions so I had to ask them to fix it, which they did very quickly and kept me updated that they were handling the ticket within minutes.

I have done some speed tests and east coast speeds are just awesome for about any needs and the hardware has been everything I needed.

[[email protected] ~]# wget -O - -o /dev/null|bash

CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1270 V2 @ 3.50GHz
Number of cores : 1
CPU frequency : 3500.114 MHz
Total amount of ram : 343 MB
Total amount of swap : 2047 MB
System uptime : 7 days, 16:36,
Download speed from CacheFly: 70.6MB/s
Download speed from Coloat, Atlanta GA: 34.2MB/s
Download speed from Softlayer, Dallas, TX: 21.9MB/s
Download speed from Linode, Tokyo, JP: 5.04MB/s
Download speed from Linode, London, UK: 5.06MB/s
Download speed from Leaseweb, Haarlem, NL: 9.12MB/s
Download speed from Softlayer, Singapore: 4.78MB/s
Download speed from Softlayer, Seattle, WA: 12.6MB/s
Download speed from Softlayer, San Jose, CA: 12.4MB/s
Download speed from Softlayer, Washington, DC: 64.6MB/s
I/O speed : 255 MB/s

^ I am using Xen so some of the resources shown are off a bit (like ram).

I have to say the hard drives are NEAR new, so I cant complain either since I have had the server 506 hours.

[[email protected] linux]# smartctl -d sat+megaraid,5 -a /dev/sda | grep Power_On_Hours

9 Power_On_Hours 0x0032 098 098 000 Old_age Always - 1634
[[email protected] linux]# smartctl -d sat+megaraid,4 -a /dev/sda | grep Power_On_Hours
9 Power_On_Hours 0x0032 099 099 000 Old_age Always - 881

If you are looking for a new provider and want a quote for something special then ask them. I know I see so many bad reviews out there for providers and I knew that with such a positive experience I needed to give something positive back for reviews.

I have dealt with many different server providers over the years and have seen a range of good and bad, both with sales and after sales. ServerMania is the first company I have actually felt were willing to help you and discuss anything with you no matter how many servers you were buying with them, every customer counted the same and that is refreshing. This is the first time I have seen a company shine in every single level of service from hardware, value, sales and support. I would love to hear if anyone else has experience with them also to add.

I have already talked to Chris about getting more servers because this is a company I want to expand with.

If you want to talk to them about prices or addons you can message @chriscm like I did, he got back to me pretty quick.


  • JacobJacob Member

    That's really cheap!

    Nice written review.

    AboveClouds • UK Company • UK Datacentre • UK Customer Support

    High Performance Pure SSD Cloud Hosting with a personal touch

  • @Holoshed said: 255 MB/s

    With just one HDD?

  • @yomero said: With just one HDD?


    2 and he has hardware raid

    Patrick | INIZ
  • I was looking at getting one but they are in CC Buffalo which has that dumb odd/even routing.

  • Hi Spencer, Can you please clarify what you mean by odd/even routing?

    I will see how we can help.


    @Spencer said: I was looking at getting one but they are in CC Buffalo which has that dumb odd/even routing.

  • @chriscm said: Hi Spencer, Can you please clarify what you mean by odd/even routing?

    I will see how we can help.


    Its not anything that you guys do it is CC.
    If you ping an IP with a even number at the end it will be about 10ms less than if you ping an IP with an odd number at the end.


  • I needed something a little customized to my needs, but I based it off of the $99/32GB promo they have right now. I spoke to @chriscm and he really worked with me based on my budget and needs and we came up with something great. The addons are well priced, I agree -- it's disheartening to go an add a drive elsewhere and it's something crazy like $50/mo/1TB or something.

    Speeds on my server have been great and I have a 1Gbps port which is awesome. I have only been a customer for almost two weeks yet so I'm holding off on going all out and writing a full review, but I just wanted to add my experience. I do have to say one thing about the customer service, however:

    It's some of the best customer service I have ever experienced, period. The reps reply to my tickets at inhuman speeds sometimes, it is really nice to go and ask a question and have an answer (or at least a response that someone is working on it) so quickly.

    So far I am a very happy customer and have nothing but good things to say, but I will have much more to add once I've been here for a while longer.

    Thanks again, @chriscm and ServerMania.

  • nikcnikc Member

    That odd even ping thing is very strange ?

  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Provider

    I've just completed my first whole month with ServerMania on the same $99 deal and I must restate what everyone else here has said. Some of the absolute best customer service I have ever had!

    Support tickets are handled quickly and politely. It sometimes even sounds as though the techs are writing with emphasis on how much they love their work. It really shows.

    I will definitely be picking up at least one more server if not two!

    Thanks to Chris and Team!

  • @Patrick said: 2 and he has hardware raid

    True, missed that part :S

  • I will get mine this month, it's too much good to let it go.

  • RyanDRyanD Member

    @nikc said: That odd even ping thing is very strange ?

    Not really, it is a way to force balance traffic across default-route BGP sessions so you don't overload any particular circuit when you do not have routing equipment that can handle full routing tables which would allow you to manage prefix / destination AS paths on a more granular level.

  • natestammnatestamm Member
    edited March 2013

    @Holoshed i like your name and the review.. deals like this pushing me closer and closer to greater things. +1

  • I also talked to them and their sales team is amazing. I have no idea where they find the time to be honest. They also do col if you ask them.

    But in terms of value the 99$ @RyanD offer is at the top of my list as we speak.

  • nikcnikc Member

    @goexodus said: But in terms of value the 99$ @RyanD offer is at the top of my list as we speak.

    Agreed ! @RyanD is there an order link for that ? Cant find it on your site ..

  • I am not sure @Ryan'd 's offer ! I cant order a 72GB RAM server @ 99, can u guys ?

  • @nikc @darknessends it's in his signature. You need to use the promocode ONLY99 to get 72GB RAM, 2x500GB HDD and 10TB bandwidth

  • When he lists SSD Cache disk separately, what does he means???

  • This thread has really gone off course. lol

  • RyanDRyanD Member
    edited March 2013

    WAY off course, but I'll respond to the thread-jack :)

    @nikc @darknessends

    Yes, using the coupon code ONLY99 gets you 100% off the 72GB ram, 2nd 500GB disk, and 10TB on 100mbps upgrade items, it also takes $50 off the $149 base price.

    The 5th disk (SSD) can be used for Flashcache/BCache for use with software raid, clients have seen great performance with it so we offer that as an option.

    Alternatively we've seen some clients do crazy things and carve out 16GB of ramdisk to use as a flashcache disk!

  • This thread has really gone off course. lol

    my fault ... sorry for that.

  • goexodusgoexodus Member
    edited March 2013

    Alternatively we've seen some clients do crazy things and carve out 16GB of ramdisk to use as a flashcache disk!

    I do that RAMDRIVE magic whenever i can. Its easy using VMware Starwind appliance and DR. Results are breathtaking. Its all about network bottlenecks then ...

    Which location has the best network especially for Europe?

    Can you PM hardware specs to check with VMware 5.2.

  • OllieOllie Member

    Nice review, try to stay on topic next time though lol :P

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