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DotVPS Review
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DotVPS Review

SCDanielSCDaniel Member
edited March 2013 in Reviews

When looking for a new low end box there isn’t many requirements that I see – I prefer having ones with IPv6 and obviously the best bang for buck always comes into play – this generally means you can sometimes get some pretty rubbish servers that are oversold. I’m happy to say however that DotVPS has been anything but rubbish. Upon ordering the server it was setup within minutes and the welcome email was well formatted and contained the key details. The server has been running for a month now and I’ve noticed very little it terms of slowdowns / interruptions (in fact out of my 30 or so LowEndBoxe’s DotVPS has one of the best in terms of stability.

I’ve yet to require submitting a ticket so I can’t rate it on that front – but I do know that Jack is quite active here on LowEndTalk and I have high hopes for the support if I ever do need it!

There really isn’t much else to say about DotVPS which in a way shows just how stable and well made the servers are. If I were to be asked to recommend a VPS then within a heartbeat DotVPS would be one of them!

Download: 585.81 Mbit/s
Upload: 58.61 Mbit/s - Free Uptime Monitoring

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