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Wanting to rent dedicated server, student budget

Wanting to rent dedicated server, student budget

TheEmpNodeTheEmpNode Member
edited August 2016 in Requests

Hey everyone, I'm currently hosting in NY but missed a really good deal a few days ago and was wondering if there's any offers that some providers might be able to offer something similar.

The deal that I saw was the same as listed above: E3-1240V2 or v3
10TB Bandwidth
5Gbps DDOS protection
256GB SSD or 2tb hhd
Location: NY
Price: $29 USD

I'm wondering if anyone has seen something similar for a decent price. Some variations to the above specs are fine.

e3-1240 v2+
Ram: 24-32gb+
Bandwidth: 10-20Tb+
Location: Any Central or East Coast US
1-5+ Usable IP

Budget: $40 (Sorry, student)

I know it's a lot to expect for the price but no harm in trying.

Thanks in advance to everyone that might be able to give any input.


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