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Its March Madness at Front Range Hosting, 40% Off SSD Cached OpenVZ, and 30% off SSD Cached KVM!
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Its March Madness at Front Range Hosting, 40% Off SSD Cached OpenVZ, and 30% off SSD Cached KVM!

FRCoreyFRCorey Member
edited March 2013 in Offers

It's March Madness at Front Range Hosting! With deep discounts for our SSD Cached OpenVZ plans 40% off for life of your account and if you upgrade your plan anytime you get the same discount on the higher plans. Our SSD Cached KVM plans are also deeply discounted with 30% off with the same lifetime discount and upgrade policy!

Friendly Staff
Intel Xeon E5-2620 Based Nodes
LSI CacheCade SSD Cacheing Technology
1GBPS Connected Nodes
ASN54856 We Own Our IP's
Native IPv6
Colorado Springs, Colorado Location @ Data102

We have dozens of templates for OpenVZ with the most popular Linux OS's available.

CentOS 5 32 Bit
CentOS 5 64 Bit
CentOS 6 32 Bit Developer
CentOS 6 64 Bit
CentOS 6 64 Bit Developer
Debian 6 32 Bit
Debian 6 64 Bit
Fedora 15 32 Bit
Fedora 15 64 Bit
Ubuntu 10.04 32 Bit LTS
Ubuntu 10.04 64 Bit LTS
Ubuntu 11.10 32 Bit
Ubuntu 11.10 64 Bit
Ubuntu 12.10 32/64 Bit
Ubuntu 12.04 32/64 Bit
Scientific Linux 6 32 Bit
Scientific Linux 6 64 Bit
Slackware 11.37 Minimal

Our KVM plans have over 70 popular *nix *bsd ISO's available to install the OS you want and we accept requests. We do not support Windows VPS at this time though.

The full list of KVM ISO's are at

OpenVZ Plans

128M/256M/128M 5G Disk 250G Xfer 1.20/mo Direct Code Link!

256M/512M/256M 10G Disk 500G Xfer 2.40/mo With Code MMOVZ Buy Now!

384M/768M/384M 15G Disk 750G Xfer 3.60/mo With Code MMOVZ Buy Now!

512M/1024M/512M 20G Disk 1TB Xfer 4.80/mo With Code MMOVZ Buy Now!

Best Deal! 1G/2G/1G 40G Disk 2TB Xfer 7.00/mo with Code 1G7D Buy Now!

KVM Plans

KVM Plans D Plans Have Increased Disk Space
KVM-256D 256MB RAM, 4 vCPU 15GB SSD Cached Disk 256GB Transfer 4.20/mo with MMKVM Buy Now!
KVM-384D 384MB RAM, 4 vCPU 22GB SSD Cached Disk 384GB Transfer 6.30/mo with MMKVM Buy Now!
BEST DEAL! KVM-512D 512MB RAM, 4 vCPU 30GB SSD Cached Disk, 512GB Transfer 7.00/mo with 5127D Buy Now!


  • 5hi745hi74 Member

    any test ip?

  • Already grabbed one of these. Nice box, good work FRH.

    You could keep reading this on a site infamous for its ties to (ahem) one particular organization, or you could check out vpsBoard, which has no such ties and tolerates no bullshit. Your choice.

  • kornnflakekornnflake Member
    edited March 2013

    I'm really happy with my kvm node from FRH. But the network is a bit slow. After some tweaking I ended up with the following result using their kvm ssd cached vps.

    [email protected]:~$ dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync; unlink test
    16384+0 records in
    16384+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 1.72069 s, 624 MB/s
  • I have a yearly 128Mb KVM, love it

  • derrysderrys Member
    edited March 2013

    I have a KVM 512MB nodes with them, it's been 2 months. Just love it, except last data center outage.

  • ZinnVPSZinnVPS Disabled

    frontrange rocks dude i got 4 kvm vps with them!

    Former SGT. OF Marines! OIF/OEF Veteran 6 Combat tours! "Attack!"

  • Testip is

    @kornnflake where are you located, the network utilization is pretty low on most nodes, are you using the virtio network interface?

  • Corey, how many cores for OpenVZ plans? Thanks.

    I'm here to collect your heart

  • I'm happy with my 512MB KVM. It was my squirrelmail box until they had a string of power outages (not their fault) and had to move it to my buyvm node. Not sure what I'll do with my KVM with F.R.H. now, but im sure I'll figure something out.

    Overall I've been pleased and FRCorey seems easy to get along with if you ever need help.

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