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[EU] Need to rent a dedicated machine as a stop gap
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[EU] Need to rent a dedicated machine as a stop gap

oandtoandt Member

I am currently looking for a stop gap solution (for about 24 months) to host my proxmox setup (virtualized pfsense, fileserver, mailserver, vpn, lab, git, non-critical db servers & groupware) on reasonable priced rented dedicated machines.

Since price is an issue I am looking at the usual OVH/soyoustart/ offers.
My simple setup has the following requirements:

E3-1230 or better
64GB RAM or better
small SSD for the host is enough
preferably additonal local storage upwards 1TB or a fast SAN solution

I am currently looking at a combination of these two offers: 1 TB

Does anyone have experience with the SAN offers of soyoustart and and can recommend them?


  • iKockaiKocka Member

    MD 2016 is a great value for the money. It comes with cheap consumer grade SSDs that have low synchronous write performance. If you plan to use ZFS that might be an issue as the amount of fsyncs per second will be low. With properly sized ARC you shouldn't have any problem with read performance. It's also worth mentioning that server comes with 100 Mbps RPN so you can upload/download files from SAN with only ~11 MB/s. To upgrade it to 1 Gbps you need to buy business service that costs extra 35€ per month.

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