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Any recommendations on light weight webapp to view the server error logs of nginx/hhvm etc? If will be good it we can add the list of logs which it to be viewed/monitored.



  • BochiBochi Member

    First few Google results show me:

    First two are self-hosted and open-source, the last one is a service with a free layer.
    If you are going to try one of the first two, let me know how it went - think I have to try them to.

    Thanked by 1Nixtren
  • is nice. Requires a bit of a setup. When you say light weight, I wrote a log watcher in python that monitored a WSGI application. Fairly simple setup, just needed a regex to match and then send an email whenever I got a certain response. I did some hackery with hashing the line and saving the hashes so I wouldn't re-email myself the next time the cron ran the script. The smarter way to have done this would have been to use a watcher that updates on new data coming in, like piping tail -f /var/log/logthingiwant without the use of a cron.

    tl;dr; is nice.

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