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how to tell actual location of server?
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how to tell actual location of server?

akzakz Member

I have a kvm service which should be located in one of the providers specific locations. However upon provisioning the IP is geolocated elsewhere. I have submitted a ticket and they claim that the ip was just swiped wrong and they have ticketed the DC to correct the geo ip location.

How do I verify that the server is actually located in the DC they are claiming since it seems they can have ips swiped basically anywhere?


  • kingpinkingpin Member
    edited June 2016

    On the server, traceroute(1), mtr(1) IP addresses from the same (nearest) DC(s) noticing how many hops are in between and what is the latency?

    sudo yum install -q -y traceroute, mtr
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  • RIYADRIYAD Member, Provider

    cmd > tracert

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  • MadMad Member, Provider

    Traceroute and still better MTR.

    The report gives you back a series of hops. “Hops” are the nodes, or routers, on the Internet that packets transverse to reach their destination.

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