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Tech used by tools similar to nixstats
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Tech used by tools similar to nixstats

Me and few friends are trying to build up a new tool for marketing which includes collection large scale data and use real time processing.

I use nixstats and wondering what could be the tech stack used by them for plotting such fast graphs etc. Somebody can give me some guidance on developing a web tool which handles such a large scale of data collection..

PS: We are NOT building something similar or competitive to nixstats. Its a different tool, I am just a fan on nixstats' simplicity.


  • tommytommy Member

    d3js, chartjs or highcharts pick one

    Let's bet which dot-name will collapse first ;)

  • vfusevfuse Member, Provider

    NIXStats is using Highcharts to render the charts (it's not free, I think the license starts at around $300). The dashboard makes ajax calls to the backend which fetches the data from a mongodb replicaset (about 861Gb of data right now).

    Mongodb works pretty well in this case, it has no problem for example to fetch the data from the last 12 months of a server. Almost all requests return data in about 300ms.

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    NIXStats monitoring Web, Server(Linux, Windows - $9.95/m), Logging (Free!) and Blacklists (start at 512 for $3.75/m) - Uptime Report - API Docs

  • Grafana and Kibana.

    d3js goes well with dcjs and crossfilter

    Highcharts has a slow refresh, Google charts is faster.

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  • Thank you so much for the ideas. These things are going to help me a lot..:)

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