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Is by Donn Fry?
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  • Donn say he sell but now dns by which is Donn company

  • jhjh Member
    edited December 2011

    Backup your data and move on now. I know this person and he won't be around much longer.

    Thanked by 1Infinity

    Greetings of the day!!!!

  • @concernednetizen how exactly did you connected with Dann? Maybe I overlooked something?
    btw. Dann seemed pretty angry last time because I mentioned his name at LEB/LET. He created new WHT account (which is banned of course) just to tell me that.

  • i look dns and he have many domain on same account 5 month before. go same as ip has this on website

    He change in novembre to hide them

    He have forum name where he say he make vps company. you find these names on there.

    The whmcs license is to

    I not know maybe extra Donn Fry or maybe company give him license.

  • now say © 2010-2011 Zoom Servers Incorporated. All rights reserved.

    Zoom is Donn. Donn say he sell telvps but he lied

    I was customer Telvps and lose my money and my vps

    How this man no go jail he is big criminal

  • Now

  • TomMTomM Member

    I only use one host which is rackspace uk because i can trust them and it's very hard to find a good server,
    I also used to be a customer with the fusion net but i never actually received my server he was not even going to supply me with a refund actually let me rephrase that, He never supplied me with a refund of the $6 i spent on a vps which i never ever had because he was being an idiot and decided fraud is a good idea... :<

  • Vps6 is on let.....

  • vps6 user on wht suspend

  • The same vps6 that Naruto always shilled, or am I thinking of someone else?

  • user VPS6NET_JH

    I think wht no it is Donn Fry so suspend

    lot people on wht say love vps6 but people only 1-2 message so is Donn make game

  • I wonder what the story is behind that, VPS6NET_JH is indeed listed as "Temporarily Suspended" on WHT and all his offers were deleted from the VPS Offers forum.
    (he had recently made another post in that section.)

  • Considering how punchy WHT is with their apply-only-to-who-we-want rules, I'm not sure that a suspended account on WHT really means anything.

    Thanked by 1Aldryic
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