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Suggest me some colocation deals !
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Suggest me some colocation deals !

darknessendsdarknessends Member
edited April 2016 in Requests


Can you guys suggest me some really cheap colocation offers - value for money kind. Location : Anywhere in US, 2U + 2A

Thank You


  • dailydaily Member

    Maybe @VyprNetwork can if he's still around.

  • dailydaily Member


    Woops. Stupid Vanilla.

  • LiteServerLiteServer Member, Provider

    You're looking for colocation, but in which country/area?
    Any idea what the rest of your colocation requirements are? Quite important to know when you're looking for a cheap deal! :-) - Since 2007 the place where quality meets you!
    NL located // AS60404 // KVM based NVMe, SSD and HDD Storage VPSes

  • MunMun Member without signature

    Contact incero and tell them what you want.

  • @Mun - not sure if incero is cheap

  • MunMun Member without signature

    @darknessends said:
    @Mun - not sure if incero is cheap

    I have a great deal with them currently for the price point and quality. You didn't even specify a range of how much you want to pay for the colocation either.

    Dacentec has what you need as well for $50 a month.

  • JonchunJonchun Member, Provider

    @darknessends said:
    @Mun - not sure if incero is cheap

    They are. You just won't get treated like a valued customer at times (which is fine considering the deals they do). Just go in expecting that support will be professional but sometimes unhelpful if it's out of scope, and that they won't go the extra mile for someone who's looking for rock-bottom pricing, and you'll be super happy with them since the actual base service is pretty unparalleled in Dallas (in the lower budget zone)

    Also look at SwiftNode, Psychz, Quadranet for cheap cheap deals.

    Personally, I don't have anything against @VyprNetworks but I wouldn't colo any company (including mine!) until they've been around for at least a year and don't show any signs of problems. On the other hand, they were offering $15 colos so you could check that out.

  • PhotonVPSPhotonVPS Member, Provider

    What's your budget? Any location in mind?

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