Reseller newbie dns/nameservers etc
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Reseller newbie dns/nameservers etc

gravityonegravityone Member
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(note that I bought a reseller account because it was cheap and have more GB and Band than the shared hosting. I only want to use it for my websites)

I just bought a reseller account.
Of course while buying I already have a domain ""(from another registrar)
then checkout. I got email confirmation then boom. I got a reseller. where the domain "" was used as the main(I think).

the question now is what nameserver to use? to point the domain so that "" will work.)
I login to WHM and there is a default nameserver,

I don't want to use that because I don't want to complicate things.
or am I obligated to used that because I have a reseller account?

sorry for the English :(

Learning is the best.


  • RizRiz Member

    You don't need to use the nameservers, just use your registrar's and point an A record towards the IP you assign the domain.

  • dailydaily Member
    edited April 2016

    Hey there. You'll find the nameservers from your domain registrar. Somewhere in their control panel, you'll add a DNS record pointing your domain to the IP provided by your reseller hosting provider. After ~15m to an hour (although it can take up to 24 hours) , they should be properly linked.

    Just search your domain registrar's nameservers on Google or their site.

  • Do I need to remove other records? because their are records pointing to other domain. default from the registrar. host name was also "@"

    Learning is the best.

  • ricardoricardo Member
    edited April 2016

    No need to remove all other records. If you're just wanting to use the reseller to host websites, jus create an "A" "@" record and probably "A" "www" "" any remove any existing A records for @ and www.

    To confuse things a little when you're adding any additional parked/addon domains, sometimes WHM based hosts insist that you change your nameservers to theirs. You can undo that after successfully adding domains. It's totally unnecessary but seems to be the default behaviour for many shared hosting setups.

  • @ricardo do I need to change anything in my cpanel dns zone editor?

    or just from my registrar?

    because in the "cpanel dns zone editor" "www" is "CNAME"

    Learning is the best.

  • If you're using the registrar nameservers then you should be able to totally ignore cpanel DNS altogether, unless you plan on using it instead.

  • everything should be running from cPanel's end already, just update registrar records

  • GoogieHostGoogieHost Member without signature

    You may create your own name servers like ns1. yourdomain .com

  • thank you for all the help the website is now running.
    1 question. I access the WHM because I can't upload a theme because it's big. I saw online that I should edit the upload_max in the php.ini but I can't seem to see "service configurator" in WHM and also I can't find the "php editor" anywhere in my WHM

    Learning is the best.

  • if your provider allow, php.ini can be placed in public_html to override defaults

  • You may need to ask the CPanel provider to enable PHP select (it's in your CPanel not WHM)

    You can also upload your Theme by using the CPanel file manager. Indeed most 'stuff' to manage your site will be in CPanel, the WHM is really only for additional domains, plans etc

    I don't have any relation/affiliation with any LET Host, All of my comments are my own

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