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Any opinions on
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Any opinions on

pocopicopocopico Member
edited April 2016 in Providers

Hi all,

We're a small to mid-sized company looking for a new VPS provider to host our app. Features we're interested in:
- Reliability (node, storage & network redundancy)
- Good network throughput
- Good CPU speed.
- Ability to scale-up in the future without disruption

From my research to this point, I've limited the choices to the following (in order of preference based on features):
- UpCloud
- Linode (a very close 2nd)
- Vultr (like their performance & features, not sure about storage redundancy)
- Digital Ocean

My questions are:

1) I've found many user reviews for Linode, Vultr and Digital Ocean, but can't find many reviews on UpCloud. I really like what they offer, but would like more customer experience feedback. Any opinions/experiences with

2) Can anyone comment on Vultr reliability? UpCloud and Linode offer very strong SLA guarantees. Though with Vultr there's not much info about storage redundancy (only 100% Host Node & Network Uptime).

3) If not sure about a provider's SLA guarantee, is using 2 VPS nodes with DRBD a viable option? Has anyone used DRBD with two VMs?

Thanks in advance for any info.

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