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Some questions about MXroute
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Some questions about MXroute

I am interested in buying a MXroute plan and have a few pre-sale questions for @Jarland and for all the customers of MXroute.

Currently I am using Mailgun (by RackSpace) for receiving emails (as CatchAll) for some of my domains, and as a SMTP outgoing server.

Can MXroute act as a catchall? So, I would like to simply add the domains via cPanel (since the MXroute service uses cPanel) and configure catchall for my domains to get forwarded to my other mail. For example: [email protected] and [email protected] and *@domain.tld (any nickname, string, etc.) to be forwarded to [email protected] It's easy to configure catchall with Mailgun for all my domains and I wonder if it is as easy to configure catchall also with MXroute? Is it even possible to configure catchall (wildcard) email accepting (and forwarding all incoming email for whole domain to another email) with MXroute? :)

Also, I wonder how many emails is approximate limit for outbound sending with MXroute? I know it uses MailChannels so it's somewhat limited to send out, but I would like to know what is the limit for one account (to send double opt-in newsletters, for example, or something else).

That's it for now. :) Hope to get some good answers and testimonials from existing MXroute customers. :)

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    Catchall is fine and easy to configure. It's called the "default address." As for outgoing mail, if you have a few hundred thousand emails to send out during a month, please talk to me first. Most people aren't going to be anywhere near that kind of need, so most likely your outgoing mail won't fall on my radar.

    I prefer not to limit the outgoing strictly, the chances of having a customer that I need to talk to about limits are so small that I'd rather approach that situation dynamically than enforce limits on everyone.

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