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WHMCS help need with product of multiple quantity
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WHMCS help need with product of multiple quantity

SaahibSaahib Member

Hi, I am still learning features of WHMCS, I have a small issue where on annual billing, its creating 12 separate product orders , though single invoice is created but on client panel, its shows 12 separate product purchased. How can I make it to show as single product with given quantity (as purchased by client .. say 20) for whole year.

To explain further in details :

Here is a product where client can specify quantity.

I created new product under : setup --> Product/services --> Added a new group and under that added 2 of that product.

Now say product for one month is $1, and client can order upto 100 product at a time.
And in pricing I enabled "Allow Multiple Quantities". I set Monthly as well Annually pricing.

Now in order form, can select multiple quantities, say 20 , if I select monthly pricing then invoice created as :
20 x product name = $20

But if I go for annual, it created.
20 x product name = $20
20 x product name = $20
20 x product name = $20
12 times total in product list page, though single invoice for $240 is created. Even 12 mails are sent to client for each product.

Kindly let me know what I am doing wrong.



  • If I'm reading this correctly all you need to do is enter the quantity when creating the order. So it will be x20 of that single products and if you do annual the only thing that will change is the amount of payment not the amount of products.

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  • That's what I assumed, but I guess I did not see properly, been messing with whmcs from hours now.. !

    Apparently it is actually creating multiple products.. so if I select quantity as 5, then it is adding 5 new product to that customer, of course one invoice is created.

    What I want that client specify quantity , invoices created as per the quantity and it should have single ITEM but its adding 5 items.

    How do I achieve it .. go for billable item .. will that do as I don't quite understand billable items yet.

  • SaahibSaahib Member
    edited April 2016

    Nevermind, got my solution, it was to use configurable options in whmcs.

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