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Looking for advice on point to site & site to site VPN options
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Looking for advice on point to site & site to site VPN options

We have a server based in OVH running Hyper-V with about 15 or so Windows / Ubuntu VM's running. These are all setup with an internal network and an external internet using there failover IP's.

I want to setup a VPN so we can connect to the internal network from the office (static site to site) using IPSec on our firewall but then also a point to site VPN so people can connect directly in when they are out side of the office.

I have been looking at options and it looks like using vyatta might be the best option but I cant find many examples which sets up a point to site and site to site VPN.

Fairly new to all of this side of server setup so any suggestions of options is greatly appreciated.


  • JacobJacob Member

    The below will work;

    You can setup a virtual switch connect it to your inside interface (your lan, connect other VMs to this) and then have the outside interface to a real nic.

    You used to be able to get vyatta in vmdk format (then convert to vhd) but I think it's just iso now.

    Report back any problems or even steps for other people to do this, I have never done this myself but there's no reason why it shouldn't work.

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  • Unless you plan to buy the commercial version from brocade i'd suggest you use Vyos instead of Vyatta.

    Or maybe look at pfSense as there's a package available for generating openVPN configs for remote users.

    PfSense can do site2site tunnels, although I personally I prefer vyos for this, but I suspect that's because I use EdgeMax routers and the CLI is almost the same on both ;-)

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