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VPS with clean IPv4 needed
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VPS with clean IPv4 needed

windytime90windytime90 Member
edited March 2016 in Requests


I need some VPSes with clean IP (strict requirement). I will use it for testing my personal project. I will not abuse your IP so you can block port 25 if you need. The virtualization is not a matter. Could you please give me some advice? Thank you.


The budget for each VPS is about $10/month and can be raised so I think it's OK for the LET range. I am looking to purchase in bulk if I can find a provider that meet my requirement. Some of the providers that are EXCLUDED from my list:

  • CC

  • Quadranet

  • OVH

  • DO/Vultr/Linode/Ramnode


For location, US location is my first priority. If I cannot find it, I will consider move to EU. Thank you.


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