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NEW NODE, Tell us your DREAM VPS PLAN & PRICE and we'll do our best make it happen-AlienVPS is back!
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NEW NODE, Tell us your DREAM VPS PLAN & PRICE and we'll do our best make it happen-AlienVPS is back!

AlienLayerAlienLayer Member
edited February 2013 in General

Hi LET community, I know I've never been very active on this site however I'd like that to change. If you don't know who I am, my name is Russell and I am the owner of AlienLayer/AlienVPS. We've been pretty quiet the past year with new offers and that's mainly because we've been focusing on our existing customers and trying our best to make our services better. In the beginning we grew very fast and sometimes our support suffered. I hope that our customers agree that over the past year we've improved in this department.

Now, back to the main subject of this thread, we have a brand new 24 core node with 64GB of RAM and 8x HD's in a HW RAID 10 configuration. We'd love to get your opinion on what type of node we should make it, and what you'd like to see in our new Roswell and Abduction mini/max plans, any input you provide will be greatly appreciated and your responses will directly determine the node type and plans config! Below are some initial configurations we're thinking but please feel free to tell us what YOU want and we'll do our best to make it happen. We want to know the resources and the pricing you'd like to see in your dream config! The LET community is in control of what we do with this beast of a machine and this is our way of giving back towards this great resource! LET members will get first dibs at the new plans as we'll be releasing the final plans in a few different limited stock releases in order to effectively control the performance and stability of the new node.

Node Type Options:

  1. KVM w/ Full SolusVM Template Library (gen1 + gen2) + Our complete ISO library
  2. OpenVZ w/ VSwap
  3. OpenVZ w/ Burst RAM
  4. Xen

KVM Plan Options:

  1. KVM Abduction Mini - 1 core, 10GB HD, 256MB RAM, 250GB Transfer, 50mbps uplink - $15/year
  2. KVM Abduction Max - 2 cores, 20GB HD, 512MB RAM, 500GB Transfer, 100mbps uplink - $29/year
  3. KVM Roswell 1 - 4 cores, 30GB HD, 768MB RAM, 750GB Transfer, 100mbps uplink - $7/month
  4. KVM Roswell 2 - 6 cores, 40GB HD, 1GB RAM, 1TB Transfer, 200mbps uplink - $14/month
  5. KVM Roswell 3 - 8 cores, 50GB HD, 2GB RAM, 2TB Transfer, 400mbps/uplink - $26/month

OpenVZ / Xen Plan Options (xen ram specs would be the lower number):

  1. Abduction Mini - 1 core, 10GB HD, 256/512MB RAM, 250GB Transfer, 50mbps uplink - $14/year
  2. Abducion Max - 2 cores, 20GB HD, 512/768MB RAM, 500GB Transfer, 100mbps uplink - $26/year
  3. Roswell 1 - 4 cores, 30GB HD, 1/1.5GB RAM, 750GB Transfer, 100mbps uplink - $6/month
  4. Roswell 2 - 6 cores, 40GB HD, 1.5/2GB RAM, 1TB Transfer, 200mbps uplink - $11/month
  5. Roswell 3 - 8 cores, 50GB HD, 2/3GB RAM, 2TB Transfer, 400mbps uplink - $20/month

*Please note that these plans are not currently available for ordering on our website and are only a starting point for discussion. Your input will directly affect how the final plan config and pricing is determined!

(Site admins, I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong section, I wasn't exactly sure where this should go and completely understand if you decide to move it.)



  • KVM Abduction Max looks good - prefer the simplicity of low cost annual plans.


  • shovenoseshovenose Member, Provider

    OpenVZ with vSwap please :)

  • Get ready for a storm of hate coming your way!

  • OVZ Abduction Max/Roswell 1 with 1Gbps instead of limited port speeds, same BW.

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  • Thanks for the input guys! To keep things easy to track, since we can only choose one virtualization platform for this node, if you don't mind please start each post with something like this, followed by your comments:

    VM Type: KVM or 1

  • arieonlinearieonline Member
    edited February 2013

    storage plan? with a lot of HDD space but minimal CPU Core and RAM?

  • edited February 2013

    Vote for KVM Abduction Mini, it looks very nice.

    And if you do OpenVZ, please do make it vSwap. And I'd be interested in OpenVZ plan with more storage space but tiny CPU and RAM, mayby even as low as 32MB.

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  • Please also give us some ideas on what you guys would like in terms of pricing.

  • But, how is the uptime?

  • Monthly uptime is around 99.75% to 99.95% depending on the node, some nodes have 99.99% uptime. We have all our nodes monitored by Pingdom at 60 second intervals and you may view stats at - I suggest you look at the monthly view for our various nodes for the most accurate representation of our uptime.

  • Just my Idea, you can try to simplify your pricing scheme: maybe only 2price (low & high), or just 1 price, if you want to try.

    but provide more package, like ram package (more memory), storage package (more storage), CPU package, and its all coming in simple pricing or maybe all in the same price.

    and try to get more profit from addon, offloaded Mysql, or traffic between your VPS account is free / not counted.

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  • Definetly KVM Abduction Max is the most tempting to me.

  • ZeroCoolZeroCool Member
    edited February 2013

    my dream is openvz + swap
    1Gb ram + 1gb swap
    CPU 4 Core
    50 or 100gb Hardisk Raid 10
    Port speed : 1 Gbps
    Bandwidht : 2TB
    Price : 25 USD/Year

  • Zerocool, the 100gb would be hard to offer but we could probably do 50gb for $25/year on a limited special promo.

  • jarjar Provider
    edited February 2013

    Well, I've heard a lot of bad things. However, you guys don't seem to be going anywhere. Been around for quite a while now. Have you guys done anything to address the bad uptime reports that seem to be a dime a dozen?

    I'm not asking to make your thread a place of negativity, I'm asking because I'm genuinely curious and a statement about it would likely head off that negativity before it really starts. I've been attracted to your plans for a while, but the reviews have scared me off. Ignore my signature, I'm not speaking as a provider. Just ask all the other guys around here that I spend entirely too much money with :P

    And I choose OpenVZ with vSwap :)

  • Well I remember seeing you pretty website years back. Yeah nifty design that's for sure.

    A lot has changed since then. A 2GB plan for $12, ho hum. Now these plans? Basically less for $11 or slightly more for $20.

    The different port speeds just suck as an idea. They might be useful if folks can actually max those or if it's unlimited bandwidth at the set speed.

    Now more and more people are offering gigabit speeds with monthly usage caps. Simple and it works.

    What else? The disk amounts seem small and very similar to smaller providers offers.

    It's going to take a heck of a lot to respin things for your company and past snafus. Downtime probably being the biggest complaint.

  • Jarland, we have done a lot to address the uptime issues, most of these problems occurred because of bleeding edge kernels we used on production nodes in order to offer the latest openvz features and Os templates. We were one of the first hosts to offer vswap and did so before the kernel has matured to what it is today. Please do check out as we are one of very few hosts that provide such transparency with our uptime.

    If anyone has been scared to try our plans I'm willing to offer 20 warp 1 or ufo 1 plans free for a week. I'll post more info on our twitter as I do not want to hijack this thread. These free accounts will not be given out to anyone to prevent spam and abuse but only to people genuinely interested in our services but has been skeptical in the past.

    I'll be signing off for the night now but will address everyone's questions/concerns tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who has provided input thus far, it is truly appreciated.

  • jarjar Provider
    edited February 2013

    Sounds good to me. You thoroughly addressed it and I'll be looking forward to seeing you around here more :)

    I won't take a free trial offer, but I will be buying something on this new node :)

  • Pubcrawler, please keep in mind these plans are just a starting point and the purpose of this thread is for us to get a feel of what the community wants. Your input is very valuable and I appreciate your comments.

  • Thanks Jarland, I look forward to being an active member of this great community... Signing off for real now :)

  • KVM plans are appealing, but the limited diskspace not so much.

    Uphill battle for you guys on this forum and there are a good number of more respected alternative providers at nearly the same price point.

  • I would buy something like that:
    Area 51 - 1 core, 51GB HD, 64MB RAM, 510GB Transfer, 100mbps uplink - $15/year - a twitter archive dedicated to vps providers

  • EpidriveEpidrive Member, Provider

    Make roswell3 $10 a month.

  • DeanDean Member
    edited February 2013

    How about employing more staff so that tickets are replied to in a timely manner before trying to take on new clients? This is why I got rid of all my VPSes bar one that were with you.

  • geekalotgeekalot Member
    edited February 2013

    Mini-review of AlienVPS:

    • Uptime +: (been using them almost 3 years, both NYC and Las Vegas. They've had their "bumps in the road" ... but have been just fine over the long haul
    • Support -: Good news is I haven't had to use them much. Bad news is, last I tried to reach them, it was not a good turnaround time.
    • Hardware o: (i.e., 50/50) Older by today's standards, but good enough. Sometimes it is not all out performance that is key. In my case, due to load balancing, I value uptime and consistency much more than bleeding edge performance.

    Overall, I've gotta give them a thumbs up ... how many providers on here have you seen consistent performance from for even 3 months, much less 3 years???

  • MonsteRMonsteR Member
    edited February 2013

    @AlienLayer So few questions, So you have more then 2 staff members that check AlienLayer more then once a week now? Also are the servers not oversold the crap into like before? As I have had a AlienLayer VPS, It seemed like you were trying to be like buyvm to much and failing at that point, That is my opinion Also to top it off you don't even respond to half your support on webrulon? - DDoS Protected|VPS|Cloud|Dedicated Servers|Collocation - Los Angeles, CA
    SamuraiBit Security
  • jcalebjcaleb Moderator
    edited February 2013

    256mb RAM but 50GB disk. Good for webhosting purpose.

    Offer offloaded MySQL too

  • The Roswell 3 is really tempting...

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  • kvm abduction max plan is perfect. Where is the signup button. - Tips and tricks in life, information and technology news to get things done

  • Oh hell no.

  • They look like pretty decent plans. I will probably wait till the first reviews come out after these products have been finalised due to a few past issues :).

    I'm a software developer :). If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask!

  • @alterach: There is no such thing as review. On let it's all impulse buying - Tips and tricks in life, information and technology news to get things done

  • @cosmicgate said: There is no such thing as review. On let it's all impulse buying

    Haha, I know what you mean. I have many a time found my self in a situation where I have had the joy of buying a server but still have no use for it.

    I'm a software developer :). If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask!

  • KVM plans look really good. There's already so much OVZ out there, no need for more.

    I recommend Prometeus, the best provider ever!

  • i am interested on ssd-cached or ssd vps, if you are considering it. a kvm is good for me. i'm looking to transfer my srcds server somewhere.

  • My wish

    Reseller package
    Max account: 7
    Max ram:8
    Max burst:10
    Max ip:7
    Max disk space: 200gb
    Max bandwidth 5tb

    Cheap Reseller Provider and Free p2h VPS at

  • NevilNevil Member
    edited February 2013

    A cool plan would be.

    2 cores
    768 MB RAM
    50 GB HD (probably SSD-cached?)
    1 TB Bandwidth
    1 Gbit/s

    $5.25/mo or $50/year (actually $63/year but let's say you add 20% off so it's $50)

  • @Zen That's what I was thinking.

    Discord: robert#8239

  • netomxnetomx Member, Moderator

    Gimme KVM mini rait nauuuuuu!!

  • Hi All, please find my responses to the specific issues brought up here below:

    DeanClinton – We have been very focused on our support lately and have gone almost a year without any major advertised promotions. Currently we have 4 active aliens working on customer service:

    Russell (me) – Answers majority of all support tickets
    Alien Nate – Answers billing and sales
    Alien Jason – Answers Level 3 support tickets
    Alien Mike – Mainly on Live Chat but does answer support tickets once in awhile.

    Liam – 2011 was a period of high-growth for us and we certainly had some growing pains, I do not deny that. As far as DC moves go we switched once from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV and once from New York, NY to Secaucus, NJ. The reason for moving was that we started out with UbuiquityServers in LA/NY and outgrew what they could offer us and decided to upgrade our colo and work directly with DC’s. If/when you ever want to try our services again I can reactivate the VPS plans you once had with us and add in a complimentary year.

    Geekalot – thanks for providing input on your experiences with us. As far as our support goes, for the past 3 months, 90% of tickets submitted Mon-Fri are answered within 12 hours and rarely does a ticket go unanswered for more than 24 hours. During weekends ticket response times are slower and depending on when they’re submitted may take 24-36 hours for a response. I will be updating our websites to inform vistors/customers of the slower response time during the weekend.

    MonsterR – we do have more than 2 staff members and we check Alienlayer all day long. My full time job is managing Alienlayer/Webrulon and Mon-Fri I am logged into our billing/ticket system for 12+ hours/day. On weekends I try my best to log in a few times/day. Rest assured that whatever time or day it is we have multiple monitoring systems in place and if a critical issue arises I drop whatever I am doing to address the problem and fix as quickly as possible. If I am ever unavailable our Level 3 tech Jason is on call to fix emergencies and we also have a contract with a sever management company that can step in, however we rarely need to utilize their services. Additionally, all our currently active nodes except for 2 of them have IPMI w/ remote KVM capabilities, so we rarely need to wait on the DC staff for remote-hands services. I also live 20 minutes from the NY/NJ DC and physically go there to expedite the resolution of anything critical. As for our host node servers we try our best to effectively manage and balance the server resources with the requirements of the customer VPSes. We try to prevent any of our nodes from getting overloaded but when it does happen we will first try to optimize the node and if that doesn’t work we’ll move the high-load customers to different nodes. If an overloaded node is being used to provision new accounts we’ll immediately stop provisioning servers on that node. As for our Webrulon client area, if you’ve tried to reach us for support on Webrulon and you are an AlienLayer customer, since this is not the normal support channel then you should not expect to receive a response in a timely manner. We actually stopped offering our premium hosting services on Webrulon 1 ½ years ago to focus on the AlienLayer brand so currently Webrulon just offers web design and online marketing services to small businesses.

    Zen – I do not recall any ticket from the past 6 months that has taken weeks to receive a resolution. That’s not to say it did not happen, I just do not recall the ticket you are referring to. If you could reply with a ticket ID or some additional information I’ll be happy to look up the ticket and speak to the specific issue.

    Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the thread thus far. Your comments are invaluable and I hope the responses continue.

  • netomxnetomx Member, Moderator

    Mini kvs, I want! And if you said that we suggest, may I suggest a better price for yearly? ;)

  • netomx, thanks for your suggestion. On the KVM mini we probably couldn't go any cheaper than $14/year

    We are considering putting all the Roswell plans on 1gbps uplinks! What do you guys think about that?

  • netomxnetomx Member, Moderator

    Ok ok. Well better get that plans before I regret! XD

  • @AlienLayer Your Las Vegas node is down..

  • @AlienLayer is back..? No, @AlienLayer is SEXY-bump for a good provider!

  • Do you guys still offer DDoS filtered IP's and if so, has that improved?

  • LAkid always talking like if a provider just have one node...

    And for adding something.... I just cancelled my servers (I had two yearly VPSs) with them because they were unstable and the support was a ghost

  • @AlienLayer said: Please also give us some ideas on what you guys would like in terms of pricing.

    LET limit is 7 USD/month.

  • @m2e said: Do you guys still offer DDoS filtered IP's and if so, has that improved?

    Also interested in this? It this just pure awknet filtering?

  • Yeah most likely. Just wanted to see their point of view on this.

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