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IntroVex Solutions Ltd | Intel Xeon @ $49 per month
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IntroVex Solutions Ltd | Intel Xeon @ $49 per month

KamAKamA Member, Provider

IntroVex Solutions Ltd is a UK-based hosting company, registered at Companies House in Edinburgh, Scotland (SC517174).

We are committed to providing reliable services at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Today we have the following server on offer:


Intel Xeon X3450 (4 cores / 8 threads)

500 GB HDD / 120 GB SSD


10 TB Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps

/29 of IPv4 (5 usable)

Location: Buffalo, NY or Chicago, IL

$49 per month recurring

Click here to sign up

Additional IPs are available at an added cost of $1 per IP per month.

IntroVex Solutions Ltd understands that there is a high potential for abuse due to the nature of the low end dedicated server market. For this reason, all orders are fraud screened before purchase. Anyone found abusing their services will be swiftly terminated with no refund.

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  • doghouchdoghouch Member
    edited March 2016

    I love the testimonials on the page... "Your testimonial here... by you" :)

    Still waiting for new KVM stock next month located in Los Angeles.

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  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    coreflux said: Quote

    Be sure to get clean IP's.

    This is a Jonny brand and these guys are completely lit on spamhaus for hardcore spammer hosting.


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  • corefluxcoreflux Member
    edited March 2016

    @Francisco said:

    I already bought their product and marked as clean on most rbl services,...

    Thx for your notices , I've so much too learned,...

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  • KamAKamA Member, Provider

    @coreflux said:

    @Francisco said:

    Thanks both for your comments. Sorry Francisco, I missed your comment earlier but coreflux brought me back to the thread.

    We are not a brand that is owned/operated by Jonny, nor are we affiliated.

    As for the SpamHaus listings, we leased those IPs out with LOAs. We do not knowingly host spammers, nor do we intend to sell to spammers. The people involved in sending the spam are no longer customers of ours as we don't want our IPs being used to send spam and being listed again.

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