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Chicago VPS for Minecraft?
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Chicago VPS for Minecraft?

GunterGunter Member
edited February 2013 in General

How good is Chicago VPS 2GB/Enterprise Offer for Minecraft with a RAMDisk out of curiosity? Any issues? Random Terminations? Tips? How much of the 2GB would I be able to use on average?


  • They allow it.

  • MunMun Member without signature

    Wouldn't suggest it though, it works, but if you are planning on running anything major you will have it be extremely slow. (This goes for pretty much all vps providers.)

  • gubbytegubbyte Member
    edited February 2013
  • We are one of the few LEB providers that actually allow Minecraft on our servers =)

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider

    I have no idea what CPUs they use, but that should be a priority for you as well. High RAM and fast cores.

    RamNode: High Performance Cloud VPS
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  • @Nick_A Is spot on, decent IOPS specifically is very helpful.

    Discord: robert#8239

  • Sounds like I might register tmr, depending on whether StormVZ refunds me via their 5 day guarantee. Sad I'm leaving StormVZ, they had pretty awesome staff :(

  • jcalebjcaleb Moderator

    @darknyan said: Sounds like I might register tmr

    register where?

  • NekkiNekki Moderator

    I used one of the Enterprise specials as a Minecraft server for one of my nephews for a couple of months. I've no benchmarks to share other than he was happy with it and said it ran faster than the server he ran on a PC in the house.

    Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

  • IOPS... well note iowait time on CVPS 2GB VPS offers that everyone seems to buy have an average of 72ms IOPING. So disk related things, well, wait time baby.

  • @pubcrawler said: IOPS... well note iowait time on CVPS 2GB VPS offers that everyone seems to buy have an average of 72ms IOPING. So disk related things, well, wait time baby.

    I know :) I intend to run it on a RAMDisk.

  • AthlonII240AthlonII240 Member
    edited February 2013

    I've hosted one on a CVPS 2GB VPS for a while now, a while being about 9 months. While it was low intensity, usually 2 - 3 people every week or so, sometime spiking up to 8 - 10 people at random points in the month, it seemed decent enough for me. Every once in a while, when the node the VPS resided on would be unusually busy, performance would degrade considerably, to the point where the server would stutter, and sometimes freeze as well. Latency was slightly lower than most servers I've been on, which was nice.

    If you're going for a Minecraft server to play around with some friends, "some friends" meaning ~10 people, give or take a few, I'd absolutely recommend a CVPS VPS to host this on. It's cheap, the performance is decent, and it's pretty nice to be able to throw nearly 2GB at Java to run Minecraft decently for once. If you're looking to do something a little more intense, say 20+ players on at any point, I'd say go with something a little more stable with more RAM, possibly dedicated hosting rather than a VPS.

    Just my two cents from past experience.

    Edited for grammatical errors(hopefully).

  • I've run a vanilla Minecraft server with no difficulty. Adding mods/Tekkit, though, has made it slow and unstable. It's fine for low numbers of users and small maps, but if you're running a big server you need something better.

  • I'm currently hosting a Minecraft server on a CVPS 2Gb VPS, no complaints so far and from what I've heard from my friends there's less lag for them in comparison to the BudgetVM which I used to have (latency and IO wise). Even though it's certainly not the best, for like $2.5 a month I really don't mind

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