Domain registrar with good DNSSEC & Slave/Hidden Primary Support?
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Domain registrar with good DNSSEC & Slave/Hidden Primary Support?

Hello LET,

I am looking for place to manage my domains and wanted to ask you for some input.

While I am actually quite happy about my current "small/national" provider he lacks good (automated) DNSSEC support and only has partial IPv6 support.

And I have a few domains running out in the next two months, so I started looking for something new:

I need:

  • IPv6 support

  • automated DNSSEC support

  • Whois Protection (free/paid)

  • vanity, whitelabel or clean/tidy nameservers (aka not one.buyfromus.supercheapdomains.tld or dns1.notfunny.nerdjoke.tld)

  • option to run use their nameservers with a master/slave or hidden primary setup

I don't care about finding the cheapest registrar, but I also don't need the most expensive one.
I actually thought about separating my domain registrar and dns provider but the first paid tiers are usually in the 100$+ area and the free tiers don't offer enough zones or domains for my needs.

So if you have any input for me I would be grateful.


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