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Plex Media Server alternatives?
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Plex Media Server alternatives?

FreekFreek Member
edited February 2013 in General

After fiddling around with Plex and almost ripping out my hair, I'm done with Plex. Don't get me wrong, Plex is great and works pretty much perfectly out of the box. Pretty much, that is. If you're going do to some serious streaming over WAN, prepare to get frustrated. For some reason, streaming over WAN just doesn't work as it should work with Plex. Anything over 8Mbps will make Plex crap it's pants and cause constant buffering.
Therefore I'm looking for an alternative to Plex Media Server. Basically I'm just looking for a way to view/stream my series over WAN to my computer (webinterface) and PS3 (DLNA). In theory, Plex can do this all. Sadly when I bump up the quality over 8Mbps, it breaks down. This is a huge issue because the difference between 8 and 12Mbps is quite big when watching this in your big screen television. FYI My CPU should handle this without issue and my upload speed isn't the issue either as I've got 50Mbps. Down isn't it either, I tested it at my campus which has 100Mbit.
Anyway, Serviio is an alternative but it's pretty limited/spartan at the moment. Their webinterface allows you to choose between 3 quality settings: Original, Medium, Low. Original is not transcoded at all, so it's pumping 35Mbps which isn't ideal, Medium is crappy YouTube 240p quality and Low is like cellphone recording from a Nokia 3310.
If you guys have any pointers, that would be great!

Linux noob willing to learn.


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