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Paid Shilling
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Paid Shilling

jarjar Provider
edited March 2016 in Announcements

In light of recent information, I've made the decision to foster an environment in which paid shilling is a very risky relationship for both members and hosts to enter into.

I would like to encourage both members and providers to attempt sting operations in which you attempt to prove that the other person is willing to be a paid shill, or willing to pay for shilling. The purpose of these sting operations will be to out the other party as the type of person/company that would be willing to enter into this shady, dishonest relationship.

If the two of you end up running a sting against each other and you both go through with it all the way? Guess what, you're both shills. So be careful. Trust no one. Your reputations are on the line.

Community, police thyself.

MagicSpam blackmails providers into buying their software, and ServerHub is a professional spam organization.


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